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  Blogging Frequency and Blog Focus

My regular readers may have noticed that I've posted once per week on average those last months, instead of 2-3 posts per week, and that the posts tend to be longer. This is due to the fact that I noticed my blog popping up prominently in Google searches, esp. for the German castles, Roman finds, etc., which made me feel more responsible for the content of my posts. The statistics features Blogger introduced this summer also show a readership that is much larger than the comments made me think (*waves hello to the lurkers*).

Thus blogging has changed from something I did for myself and a few friends to building an online archive of information about Roman and Mediaeval history, architecture, literature and more. And that means I need to do more research for posts.

(It also means that I did a lot of background work those last days and need to so some more: merging short posts, editing posts, rearranging the archive links in the sidebar. A few older posts need to be completely rewritten; those will appear as new posts here.)

Moreover, I reconsidered the focus of my blog. It had started out as a blog about my writing with the odd photo and history post, but over the years developed into an illustrated travel diary with lots of history posts and a few about writing and other topics thrown in.

The writing posts are now gone with exception of a few about writing historical fiction. There will still be the occasional translated poem, opera and review posts, and musings about writing historical fiction. Mediaeval literature will remain a small but important part since what I got there is material from my PhD and thus academic in nature.

But history, from Imperial Roman times to the 13th century, with the focus on Germany and the UK, will now be the main theme of my blog. The illustrated posts about Roman remains, castles and cathedrals, and other interesting places will continue to feature prominently, of course.
Gabriele, I've enjoyed following your blog for the past year or two. Please remember that it's YOUR blog. You can do anything you want with it. You should not feel responsible to your readers.

I hope that any changes you make to style, content, or organization are because you WANT to make these changes, not out of some sense of duty to anonymous readers.

If you have fun writing your blog, then we'll have fun reading it. Thanks for all you do!
As long as you carry on blogging:> You have such a huge range to cover as well. I just don't have the time for all the research, so I admire you for taking the time to make your blog accurate and interesting. And I always enjoy the photos and your travels.
Thank you, ThisWas. I feel responsibility towards my readers and myself (it's my name on the blog after all; or at least my pen name) that the content of my blog can be used to find information about castles and such. Therefore I have to make sure my posts have undergone some fact checking or at least point out if I've found contradictory information or logical gaps in the sources I use. This is easily done for Roman related posts because I research these things for my writing anyway, but in case of castles, cathedrals and such I need to do some research before I post, and the amount of time / work involved has increased.

The deletion of writing related posts is something I'd considered for some time. Most of them were from 2006-07 and represented a stage of tackling that writing thing which I have outgrown.
As one of your many lurkers, let me say that I enjoy your posts. You are one of a handful of blogs whose feed I have subscribed to. Thanks for your work on this.
Congrats on the large readership - I'm not at all surprised!
Congratulations on finding your readership is wider than you thought! It doesn't surprise me :-)
Thank you for your kind words, Dawson, Kathryn, and Carla.
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