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This could be right from the cover of a travel magazine. The Norwegian flag in the stern of the Richard With, framed by one of those beautiful rainbows I saw during my voyage.

Rainbow in the Brønnøysund

The second one is seen from the bow of the ship approaching a harbour. It's already fading, and the rain had let up when we had some time to disembark and walk through the town of Molde in the evening.

Rainbow over Molde

That gave me the chance to catch a nice shot of our ship at anchor, taking in some cargo. I should present her in some detail in another post.

The Richard With

On another note, the birch pollen are finally easing up here which means I can cut down on the antihistamine and maybe manage to stay awake for a change, lol. I'm really glad I escaped about two weeks of that mess this year; the pollen are particularly aggressive.
Spectacular photographs. No wonder the rainbow was seen as a bridge between the worlds :-)
Wow, great captures, Gabriele! Stunning.

Sorry about your pollen issues; I've been suffering this year too :(
Thank you, Carla. Esp. the one that ends up in those graphite clouds. Makes you wonder where it goes.

Thanks, Katrhyn. Allergies are no fun; it's the reason I keep posting landscape photos instead of writing long blogposts about castles and Romans. The meds sorta make me tired.
Thats a great picture of the BiFrost Bridge!!!

This guy come walking back down it???
That's a rather well groomed Thor. :)
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