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  A Trace of Fall

Before the first autumn storms set in this week, summer gave us a last farewell with warm and sunny days, though the lower sun and the hazy air bespoke the fall to come.

Reconstruced Mediaeval houses in Tilleda

No, we don't live in houses like that anymore. It's one of the reconstructed houses in the open air museum Tilleda, once a palatine castle and settlement of the Ottonian emperors. Of the main seat (great hall, church, etc.), only foundations remain, but some houses and the walls and gates of the settlement have been reconstructed.

Sunlight dancing on water

The Sieber vale in the Harz with its brooks and rivulets running towards the Sieber and forming smaller valleys, is one of the beautiful hiking areas somewhat close to where I live (if you count a 40-50 minutes drive close). There is a tinge of gold and red in the leaves alrready that will soon flare up in the colours of an Indian Summer - if the storms don't get the leaves first.

A net of twigs, backlit by the sun

You can often walk those paths without meeting other human beings. Most of them stay closer to civilisation - and that's the people who once used the forests as weapon against the Romans, lol.

A brook in the Sieber valley

I love to walk beside running water, listening to its peaceful gurgling and watching the sun dance on the silvery surface. The smaller brooks often have a playful air, with the water bubbling and splashing over the stones. In summer you can cool your feet as well.

Werra river with limestone cliffs

This water is a bit larger - the Werra river in Thuringia. The dramatic cliffs in the background are shellbearing limestone, carved out by the river during thousands of years.

Another view of the cliffs

The place is called 'Werra's Knee', a bend in the river near town and castle Creuzburg (another castle connected with the landgraves of Thuringia - and another one on my increasing list of Posts to Write If I Can Find the Time - this week I could not, as you see).

Creuzburg Castle in the evening sun

The Creuzburg is an intact (partly reconstructed, of course) castle that today houses a hotel and restaurant. It has a different atmosphere than those splendid ruins so abundant in Germany, but at least it survived by being in use over time.
Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!
As always, beautiful photos!
Thank you, Vicky and Elizabeth.
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