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  Along the Coast of Norway, Part 2.b - North of the Polar Circle

I decided to split the post because photo-heavy posts tend to slow the loading time of a blog for some odd reason.

Mountains in the sunshine on the Vesterålen

Yes, there were some sunny days, or at least hours, too, and a 'wine dark sea', as the Greek say.

Another view of the Vesterålen landscape

This one was taken out of the bus window during a tour of the island.

A storm comes up

And here we go again; the clouds playing drama queen.

A glimpse of blue sky

And a few hours later, they look like the proverbial puppy that hasn't done anything. ;)

Another Blue Hour, muted version

There will hopefully more sea-and-land photos this year, from a different sea - the Baltic. I've been looking into cruises there.

Sunset with fishing boat

A Viking ship would have been even more atmospheric, but those are rare nowadays.
Goodness those are stunning photos! Thank you for sharing! I'd love to visit Norway myself one day.
Stunning landscapes - especially the third picture. That could be something out of Tolkien, or the home of the Ice Giants :-)
Love the Vesterålen landscape. Very imposing.
Thank you, Cathy, Carla, and Constance. Hehe, the CCC club or something. :)

Carla, I wonder if Tolkien ever had been to Norway. Need to get a biography of him some day. After all, Norway was a pretty popular tourist destination for British - and German - travellers already pre-WW1.
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