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  A Blog Award and a Meme

Kathryn from Edward II Blog has awarded me with a Liebster Blogger Award that comes with a meme. Thank you Kathryn.

'Liebster' is German and means 'favourite'.

Though I haven't done a meme for ages and it really took some effort to come up with 11 random facts about me that are not too private. The questions were somewhat easier. So here we go:

What's your favourite novel and what do you love about it?
'War and Peace' - it introduced me to so much: historical fiction (though YA authors Rosemary Sutcliff and Hans Baumann had their share in that), 19th century novels, Russian literature. The other important book would be 'Lord of the Rings' which opened the gates to Fantasy.

Do you have any pet peeves in historical fiction?
Anything badly researched. But my pet peeve is actually TV-documentary related: stirrups on Roman saddles.

What are you most proud of?
Managing to get that blasted driving license. I swear, it was more difficult than a final examn in Latin. ;-)

Your favourite and least favourite people in history? (As few or as many as you like!)
Least favourite: Caesar, Pope Gregor VII, Napoleon. Favourite (as in particularly interesting, not necessarily 'good'): Augustus, Arminius, Charlemagne, Otto the Great, Duke Heinrich the Lion of Saxony, Wallenstein.

The country, city or other place you'd most like to visit?

Which five people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Arminius (I really want to ask him some questions), Septimius Severus (because he can bring the good wine), Theophanu (with apologies for German drinking habits), William Marshal (I'm sure he knows how to party and he could tell cool stories), Edward of Woodstock aka the Black Prince (because a girl needs a knight in black armour sometimes).

Facebook or Twitter or neither?

What's one of your goals for the future?
Finish those dang novels-in-working. Blogging more regularly. :-)

What's your favourite season?

Dogs or cats or neither?
Dogs. And horses.

What's your favourite hobby?
I have several: traveling, opera, photographing, history, collecting - and reading - books ....

Next part: 11 Random Facts about me:
  • I'm synaesthetic, seeing letters and numbers in colour.
  • My collection of opera DCs and DVDs would make the Met and the Scala jealous.
  • My favourite colour is blue.
  • I collect little horse figurines.
  • I buy too many blouses. Books, too, but that's another matter.
  • My first computer was an Atari, and before I had a manual typewriter. Some of my readers may need to check those out in a museum, lol.
  • I like winter, but this one is wearing out its welcome.
  • I always read more than one book at the same time.
  • I love tea and have about 20 different sorts.
  • I can do more damage with a needle than with a sword. I know where the pointy end of a swords goes; but with a needle - not so much. ;-)
  • I sleep without a pillow.

  • I'm supposed to award 11 other blogs, but most of the usual suspects have already gotten the reward from Kathryn or one of her rewardees who replied faster. And not all blogs on my blogroll are mutual links (I have many diverse interests) though they would deserve the award. But I managed to find 11 blogs I'll herewith name for the Liebster Blog Award and Meme:

    Doug Jackson
    Scott Oden (since he's back to blogging)
    Annika (you didn't think you'd escape, lol?)
    Antoninus Pius (you can do it in character, that would be fun)
    Zenobia (aka Judith Weingarten; same about the in character part)
    Stephanie Dray
    Jeff Sypeck from Quid Plura
    Curt Emanuel, the Medieval History Geek
    Charles Rutledge

    And so it may go viral on LJ, too *grin*:
    Endless Rarities
    Helen in Wales

    Play along and have fun. :-)

    Hi Gabrielle - yes, I totally agree - that driving licence was the toughest thing ever! LOL at stirrups on Roman horses:>
    Gabrielle and Anerje, what a scare you've given me, mentioning how hard it was to pass the driving license. I really don't want to become a laughing-stock, but, at thirty-two, I still haven't decided to pick up the gauntlet and even tried. Well, I suppose it is all ahead of me :-)

    Anyway, Gabriele, it's great to learn more about you. I would too love to meet William Marshal one day. He was a very sociable person, judging by all the stories that still circulate today :-)
    Thanks for the award. I'd like to thank all the people who made this possible, but they told me to get off the stage...
    Thanks for the shout-out. At first I was surprised you'd not visited Iceland, but then again, there is a noticeable lack of old, picturesque architecture there...
    the stirrups are such a sad thing since there are enough reenactors who can ride Roman saddles and would gladly pose for a few scenes in a documentary.

    I'm not going to start on all those jokes about Polish people and German cars. ;-)
    Yeah, I picked William because from what I know about him I get the impression he'd have been quite at home at a party.

    you should have stopped after the director and your mother. :-)

    it's not the lack of ruins - there are historical places - but Iceland is freakingly expensive and difficult to get around if you're not a very good driver with a car that can brave rivers and lava fields. Even ponies can only get you so far.
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