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  The Autumn that was a Summer

The weather is incredible here: up to 22°C and lots of sun - totally unusual for this time of the year where we else get 10°C at best, rain and wind, and sometiems frost at night. I went without a jacket as late as 6 pm - in the Harz mountains which usually are colder than the surroundings of Göttingen.

The geraniums, marguerites and impatiens on my balcony are still in full bloom at a time where I the other years had already planted heather and ivy for the winter season.

Makes you wonder if that's the other side of the nasty hurricanes. The weather surely is weird. Our summer was not half as beautiful as the autumn. Not half as warm, either.

We visited the Arboretum at Bad Grund / Harz today. It's a rather vast district in the mountains outside town where trees from all over the world that thrive in the Harz climate, have been planted since 1972. So I got to see some of the ones my US friends have around. :-) The place is so large that we only managed some of the Northern American, Canadian and Japanese parts. There's a lot more. The most beautiful one was a Japanese fan maple (momiji) with the brightest red leaves imaginable. The biggest, the mammoth trees, we missed because it was getting dark already. Well, it's not that far away, we can go there again.

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