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  More Birds

And that's why I prefer to photograph castles and landscape. The photo below is the only decent shot I got during the eagle safari on my Hurtigruten tour in spring; all the others were blurred and out of focus.

Eagle in flight

The seagulls who also accompanied the ship thanks to some fishy baits, were an easier target. For one, they came closer, and while they are fast and elegant birds, they still don't match those eagles in speed.

Postcard motive

The misty weather didn't help, either, but the little exta tour was still worth it even without eagle photos. I got some good ones of the landscape, though. Nice material for some winter themed posts later on.

Seagulls in the Trollfjord

I didn't attempt black and white photos here; the dark rocks, dark water, snow and mist just make it look like that - certainly atmospheric.

A flight of gulls (or whatever it's called)

BTW, regular blogging - longer essay posts, that is - will probably still have to wait two or three more weeks, right now life is still getting in the way. I apologise to my readers who look forward to more castles and Romans, and some juicy stories about dysfunctional noble familes. :)
Love the Seagulls in the Trollfjord despite the blurred bird. Striking image.
Entirely by coincidence, Gabriele, my blog also features eagles. Unfortunately, they were captive ones, but fantastic to be able to get up close to them. Wonderful creatures!
That's a better photo of an eagle than I've ever managed :-)
Thank you, Constance.

Doug, I had been to a falcon park the week before. You can see some captive eagles and owls in the post below.

Carla, you haven't seen the photos I deleted. :)
Very atmospheric! Love them!
Seagulls in the Trollfjord

I really like this one! Very Nice capture.
Thank you, Kathryn and Ron.
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