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  Different Frontiers, Yet Alike

Just some pics. :)

The landscapes through which the Hadrian's Wall and the German Limes run are different, though alien to the Romans in both cases. But the Romans brought their norm-sized forts, milecastles and watch towers to Britannia as well as Germania.

Remains of a milecastle at the Hadrian's Wall (near Birdoswald)

Foundations of a watch tower at the Limes (near Walldürn, Odenwald)
I don't think I've ever commented here, Gabriele, but I've always meant to tell you that I enjoy seeing the pictures that you post on your blog. :)

Thanks for commenting on my RTB post!
Hi May, thank you for visiting and your kind words.

This one is a lazy post, lol. Usually I post pics with some more historical explanation, but I have some 2000 pics in my folders, so I sometimes just share a few. :)
Yay Pictures, I was just talking to a blog buddy yesterday about your wonderful photos of Hadrian's Wall. We were both saying how we felt homesick for England. :)
Just. Beautiful.
Thank you, Ann and Bernita.

I'm not even from Britain, but I still feel homesick sometimes. :)
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