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  Where Richard III is Hanging Out

The little Richard III Museum in York is located in the Monk Bar Gate, one of the gate houses of the town fortifications. Since I was looking at the fortifications anyway, and some of my blog friends are Richard III 'fans', I decided to have a look and maybe take some pics. I didn't regret it.

Monk Bar Gate, seen from the battlements

It's a bit of a fan museum, with lovingly drawn geneaologies, information tablets and some decorations like banners and replica of period armour. They also sell books and such. Central part is the audio tape trial the plays via loudspeakers in the main room, and a volume where you can add your own verdict. Someone wrote 'George Bush'. :)

Portcullis in Monk Bar Gate, framed by Richard's family.

The location is part of the charme of the museum. Monk Bar Gate has the oldest working portcullis; it was last lowered in the 16th century but it's still in working order. The interior is very Mediaeval - stone vaults and not much space.

I took more pics of the interior, so there will be another post or two. See also the post below. And I'll have to read Sunne in Splendour now, that one is still lurking on my TBR pile.
You post such gorgeous pics! One of the reasons I'm giving you a rockin' blogger award. :D See my blog.
Aw, thank you. I keep collecting them these days. :)
Fantastic. I'm jealous that you have access to all this wonderful history :)
Oh I'd love to visit there. Richard III was the very first Shakespeare play I ever saw (age 12) and it's my favorite.
Thanks, Gabriele - I walked the ramparts last time I was in York but didn't see that there was a museum in Monkgate Bar. I must go and look if I get a chance to go to York again.
I SO have to go there!

And yes, I demand you read Sunne right away. Right away!
Ohh, are those archer ports in the tower?
Thank you so much for the photos, Gabriele!
Ohhh, I love York so much! I used to visit several times a year, but I haven't been for a long time, unfortunately.
Another place to put on my itinerary after I win the lottery!
Thank you, everyone. York is definitely worth putting on travel itineraries. And we all need to win the lottery, lol.

there are. After all, the gate tower was part of the defenses.
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