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  Edinburgh Views

My first afternoon in Edinburgh was a sunny one - the clouds never got in the way but added nicely to a more interesting sky in the pictures.

Firth of Forth, seen from the castle

Ten years ago I visited Edinburgh Castle on a cold, misty morning which lent it a menacing air. But I had the place more or less to myself. This time I visited on a sunny afternoon which makes the castle look more accomodating. The flip side were lots of tourists walking through my photos.

View over the town with Calton Hill to the left

But I had a better distant view this time and took several shots of the surroundings from various angles. The air was so clear that you can see the sea in the distance.

Arthur's Seat, seen from the north cannon platform

This one was just fun. I didn't try to shoot a cannon ball into Arthur's Seat, honestly.

The photo below was taken on a late afternoon two days later, from the keep of Craigmillar Castle outside Edinburgh.

Pentland Hills, seen from Craigmillar Castle

I didn't take many photos of the town itself because there are major earthworks going on in Princess Street, after some politicians decided to leave their personal dog mark and give Edinburgh a tram no one really wants. Right now the prettiest part of the town, aside from the Royal Mile, is just a big, dusty hole.

Royal Mile, view in direction of the castle

Here are two photos of the Royal Mile which was a pretty busy place. No wonder with all those shops lining it - if you don't want to spend money, you better stay in the middle, lol. I took the chance and visited St.Gilles Cathedral which lies halfway on that famous street.

Royal Mile, view downward; St.Gilles to the right

I have more photos of Edinburgh Castle and Craigmillar Castle, of course. But I missed Holyrood Palace again - fate must have decided to close it every time I'm in Edinburgh.
Don't you just hate it when tourists get in the way of a great shot!
Great photos, Gabrielle. It's nice to see Edinburgh in the sunshine for a change.

But one small pedantic point - that's not Arthur's Seat you've photographed from Craigmillar. That's the Pentland Hills - more specifically Caerketton Hill with the artificial ski slopes beneath it, and Allermuir to the west (right). Many's the time I've fallen off my mountain bike coming down those slopes;}#
There was a nice episode on "Cities of the Underworld" in which the buried streets and such under the Royal Mile were showcased.
Daphne, yeah, no fun. But there's nothing you can do about tourists. ;)

James, thank you. I'll correct that. Too many hills in Scotand to get them all straight, lol.

Stag, I can imagine there must be lots of layers under todays street level, esp. in the older parst of the town.
Great photos, especially the one of the cannon :-)
Edinburgh's a fascinating place. I visited it 15 years ago. Unfortunately though, being very pregnant and uncomfortable, I probably didn't appreciate then as much as I would now! Thanks for all the great pics!
Lol, thanks, Carla.

Lady D, you should wait with another visit until they've finished that tram building, though. Right now the town doesn't present itself at its best - except from the distance of the castle. ;)
I really liked Edinburgh. We went to the military tattoo when we were there, and it was magical although cold. I enjoyed your photos, Gabriele.
Gorgeous pics that brought back a lot of happy, nostalgic memories for me! It's far too long since I visited Edinburgh.
Thank you, Shelley and Alianore.

Alianore, as I said to Lady D, better wait for that construction stuff to be finished before your revisit Edinburgh. :)

Great pictures.

I bet firing that cannon would be fun!
Thank you, Hank.

Well yes, but I'm not sure it won't his something pretty in either direction.
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