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  Glimpses of a Cathedral

Just some pretty pictures.

The Imperial Cathedral Königslutter is surrounded by trees which makes for some interesting photos.

East choir and transept

I like the play of foliage and the glimpses of the building, like a past hidden in an enchanted forest. It is easier to imagine people in Mediaeval garments on the scene than with churches surrounded by modern houses and parking lots.

North side and crossing tower

To the left of the crossing tower (the part belonging to the east choir) you can distinguish more ornaments particularly under the roofs, while the naves to the right have simpler lines; they date from the younger period. The difference can be more clearly seen inside. Unfortunately, the choir is undergoing restoration and has been closed up.

Southwest angle of the Westwerk

The western part is a typical Romanesque Westwerk, massive, with small windows and short towers, almost a fortress. It's impressive when you stand in front of it. Other western parts, like Speyer, have already begun to break up the solid walls with ornaments and rosette windows, a process that would continue in the Gothic style.

West side seen from a hill

A perfect autumn day in Germany.
"splendor falls on castle walls..."
Very cool pictures, looks like you had lovely weather when you took them. I didn't see any plot bunnies, but they certainly gave me ideas when I need to start working on my castle building again. :)
Thank you, Bernita and Ann.

Ann, if you need castle walls, I can probably find some for you; there are some around where I live. :)
I love your photos, Gabriele. It looks really peaceful in these shots. And I noticed there's no rain for a change ;)
Yes Shelley, autumn decided to play nice for a few days to make up for that 'summer'. :)
Stunning photos once again.
Thank you, Marie.
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