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  Five Historical Persons You'd Like to Meet

Got that one from Alex.

Albrecht von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland
One of my favourite historical characters for a long time. Thirty Years War general with an interesting personal history and a fascinating, enigmatic character. Golo Mann's biography of him is one of my favourite books.

Heinrich (Henry) 'the Lion' Duke of Saxony
Another fascinating character who has long held my interest. His main seat in Braunschweig is only about an hours drive from where I live. He plays a role in Kings and Rebels though the novel doesn't cover his later quarrels with the Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa. I've some ideas about a novel featuring him as main character.

Widukind, leader of the Saxons
One of Charlemagne's main opponents for many years. The one I've always rooted for. The county song of Lower Saxony (where I live) still praises him, "Heil, Widukinds Stamm". *grin

Snorri Sturlason
Mediaeval Icelandic poet, writer, and politician.

Friedrich von Schiller
Early 19th century German writer, historian and philosopher. I prefer him to his even more famous friend Goethe.

The links are Wikipedia; the usual cautions apply. The facts are mostly ok, the conclusions debatable.

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  Hardenberg Klassika

Instead of writing yesterday, I was visiting the Hardenberg Klassika, basically a Gardening and Lifestyle exhibition. My father called me that he'd got free tickets from his neighbour as the years before, and we decided to brave the weather and go. It's only a 10 minutes drive, after all, and the fair is nice.

Hardenberg Estates is a beautiful place with a large park, the ruins of an 11th century castle on a hill, an early 18th century castle where the count's family lives, a distillery, a hotel, stables, and a golf course. The park and the riding place are used for several events every year, a Christmas market and an ice rink in winter, the Klassika exhibition, concerts and a riding tournament that attracts the big names (I hope I can get a free ticket for the dressage performance later this month).

The Klassika has a slightly British air, and the cold, overcast weather matched it. The fair includes garden furniture and decorations, all sort of plants including some exotic ones, stands with outdoor clothes of the elegant variant, and food stuff. The entire collection of huts and stalls spreads out under beautiful huge trees clad in fresh, bright green leaves; the fragrant smell of wet grass and herbs mingles with aromas from several stands with meat grilling on roasts and bread baking in ovens.

We had a late lunch of grilled sucking pig and rosemary potatoes. Yummy.
In the background, music from a group of English horns and a dixie band played alternately.

Since the last icy winter had created havoc with my herbs, I got some new ones. Picked two pots of Russian mint - that one should deal with any temperature a German winter can throw at it. There were several stands that had a number of unusual herbs and berries, among the cranberries. I've never tried cranberry jam before. The bushes grow in pots. Now that makes for some unusual balcony decoration, at least here in Germany. I also found an interesting rose rip mustard. Yes, you hear right: rose hip mustard. They also had orange mustard, black currant mustard and other unusual stuff like Bärlauch pesto (bear leek, a plant of the garlic family) and sunflower bread.

We also looked at some oldtimer cars. My father pointed out one his father drove before WW2. Don't ask me what it was, I can only tell it had four weels, red seats, and a steering wheel. I know zero about cars. The most interesting item was a Motorkutsche (looking more or less like this one), adapted to modern security laws and still fully functional.

We also went to the shop attached to the distillery and got some Hardenberg Kräuterschnapps (herbal schnappes).

The sky decided to play nice and not wash the world again. In short, a fun afternoon spend with increasingly heavier bags and emptier purses.

(I filched the pictures (the castle seen from the hotel; Klassika 2005 expression) from the Hardenberg website. The copyright remains with Hardenberg Estates. If you have a good connection, you may check out the video, but it takes some minutes to load.

I have some pics of the castle, but since I took them with the old analog camera, I need to scan them in first.)

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