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  Hiking in the Harz

I'll be off for a few days to Quedlinburg, a pretty Medieaval town with half timbered houses and a Romanesque cathedral. I'll use it as basis to explore the part of the Harz mountains farther from where I live. There should be a few castles on the list and probably another old church, and lots of spectacular landscape.

View from Adelebsen Castle Hill towards the village

The weather's hot but there should be some breeze on the mountains, and at least it seems the usual afternoon thunderstorms are going to take a break for some days.

View over the valley

Normal posting will resume on Thursday or Friday. After I've unpacked and shoved the new plotbunnies under the bed.
Yout photos always inspire my creativity for my 1400s manuscript. I can visualize characters and possible plotlines when viewing them. I just love this blog!
Have a great trip. :)
Have a great time:-) I look forward to your posts when you return!
I'm so envious! I've been to Quedlinburg once with a university study group and loved it. Say hello to Heinrich I for me, well ya? We've been systematically visiting all the Ottones' graves in the past few years. Only Otto III in Rome missing now! Will get there in time - but I wouldn't mind going back to Quedlinburg one bit. Gorgeous little medieval town. Take lots of pictures!
Have fun. I'll send some gnomes over to wrangle those plotbunnies.
Beware of ghosts!
Have a Lovely time!!
Have a lovely trip! Hope the weather is kind.
Thanks for the well wishes, everyone.

Barbara, I had no idea the plotbunnies also attack from out of the photos, but I'm glad to be of help.

Jeri, I would have liked to, but the crypt is closed for renovation.
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