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  Auxiliary soldier Gabriela Germanica

Dressed up in Roman auxiliary reenactment gear at Segedunum (Wallsend/Newcastle).

This stuff is heavy, especially the shield, I tell ye. And it's not easy to get the mail shirt over long hair. Also, tightly fitting mail does bad things to those extra pounds on the hips. But it was fun, and the helmet is really stylish.

Now I just need a horse to go with it, and some enemies to poke that gladius into. *grin*

(Yes, I know the cavalry had spathae, but they didn't have one at the museum.)
Complete with trademark "evil grin!"
Love the picture!
How cool is that???
What a great outfit - and the chain mail must weigh a ton!
Awesome! Don't mess with this historian. *g*

So when are you buying a set of armor of your own? Next thing you know, it will be a horse, maybe a chariot...
it does weigh a ton.

I wish I had the money. :)
You are one auxiliary soldier that I would not want to meet on the field of battle or in an alley. Nice picture.
How fun!!! Methinks they didn't have pastel green undershirts to go with the chain mail, however. ;)

I know someone who makes chain mail...way more patience than I would ever have, let me tell you!
Great pic! If you need enemies to stab I can send you my walk-ins ;)

And I want a shield like that. And a helmet. And a mail shirt. *drools*
Very cool--getting to feel the weight of the real thing! That is some serious research, Gabriele. d:))
I just stumbled on your blog(s) from Jaye Patrick's and I have to say I really have enjoyed them! I saw you had a link to George R.R. Martin - so that is awesome :)

I'm a history minor and love ancient history. I love the pictures, too, btw. Lovely blog(s)! I'll drop by and look around again, for sure.

the guy who tried to attack me years ago realised I don't need Roman armour to deal with drunken wannabe rapists. But it's not an experience I want to repeat.

Lol Crystal,
probably not. I suppose it's a question of washing lots of tunicas and stuff why they don't provide them.

I know some people I'd like to poke that gladius into, but I'll deal with your walk-ins as well if you want. Or wait, send them to pester Marcus. *evil grin*

the stuff IS heavy. To imagine marching some 30 miles wearing it ... ;)

welcome to my blog. Make yourself at home. :)
What a great photo, Gabriele!
Awesome photo. Fearless historians are a formidable lot.
adrian - I thought you said FACELESS historians.

Well, they're scary too! Nice to put a face to Gabriele. Even if it's armed to the teeth!
Lol, looks like I'll have to hunt for a less scary pic of me. :)
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