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  Along the Coast of Norway, Part 2.a - North of the Polar Circle

Now winter - at least the Russian 'Little Daddy Frost' if not the snow - has finally reached Germany, more photos of snow and cold will be fitting.


So here we go with some more photos from the Hurtigruten Tour.

The Richard With in Honningsvåg

I picked some with more snow as theme for this post.

A chain of mountains

And then found a lot of those in my files. *grin*

Blue Hour

This is the most lovely time of the day though the weather needs to be not too cloudy for this particular light to appear.


The big herds of those are further inland, but you can spot the occasional cutie on a private grazing.

Snow covered mountains near Hammerfest

There's more to come below.
Gorgeous photos ! :D
Beautiful pictures!
What a splendid reindeer! That winter coat looks as thick as a bear's fur (I suppose it would need to be). I've seen reindeer disappearing over the far horizon, and seen a few in summer high on the Cairngorm plateau in Scotland; never seen one close up.
All I can say is, brrrr! :) Love the reindeer!
It sure does look cold over there. Thanks for the reindeer to break up the chill. :)
I don't know which makes me more jealous: the snow or the mountains. Hope you're staying warm. :)
Thank you, everyone.

Yes, the reindeer looked very fluffy-furred and warm. :) Though they didn't come close enough to be petted.
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