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  Happy Easter

I wish my readers a Happy Easter.

I should post a spring photo to go with it, but the view from my balcony looks more like that.

Spring showers, the cold variant

I usually have spring flowers planted this time of the year, but there's still the dry old heather from winter because the earth in the boxes is either frozen or covered by snow and the weather would kill any buds. So we'll have to go with a photo from a few years ago.

Spring showers, the warm variant

Oh, and I hate daylight saving time. Just saying.

  Planning the Next Castle Hunt

I've been busy planning my summer tour (I'll be off at the end of May and travel for two weeks) for this year which took me a few days of figuring out what to see, setting up an itinerary according to where public transport will get me, checking B&Bs and all that fun stuff that goes into organising a tour.

So you wonder where it'll take me?

Tynemouth Castle, near Newcastle

That one should give you a hint: it's the east coast of northern England and Scotland mostly. I'm going to turn a bit south from Newcastle first, to Scarborough to explore the castle there, then take tours around to Richmond Castle, Ripon Abbey, maybe Rievaulx as well, Whitby (provided that's no longer fenced in), the Roman remains at Aldborough, and the Yorkshire Moors. The next stop will be north of Newcastle, in Alnmouth, from where I intend to add the castles of Alnwick, Warkworth and Bamburgh to my list, and maybe revisit a Border abbey as well (I had been to the Borders in 1998).

Craigmillar Castle, near Edinburgh

The next stop will bring me into Scotland: Stonehaven and Dunottar Castle. I had that one on my To See-list for ages. And then I'll take a long swing north and visit the Orkneys. Kirkwall Cathedral, Skara Brae, Unstan Cairn, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, maybe Birsay .... there's a good list of what to see. And it will be the time of the year for the simmer dim, the white nights of the Orkneys. The way back will lead via Inverness where I plan to revist Urquhart Castle (another one from 1998) and tour Black Isle.

Coast near Newcastle, seen from the Amsterdam ferry

Any of my readers (including the LJ syndication feed; I read comments there) who know those areas are welcome to suggest further interesting, though maybe less well known, places; I'll gladly try to fit them into the schedule if I can reach them by public transport or a reasonable taxi fare.

Now I only need to find out to which gods to sacrifice to get good weather. *grin*

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