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  Happy Easter

I wish my readers a Happy Easter.

I should post a spring photo to go with it, but the view from my balcony looks more like that.

Spring showers, the cold variant

I usually have spring flowers planted this time of the year, but there's still the dry old heather from winter because the earth in the boxes is either frozen or covered by snow and the weather would kill any buds. So we'll have to go with a photo from a few years ago.

Spring showers, the warm variant

Oh, and I hate daylight saving time. Just saying.
Happy Easter! Hope you get spring (the Real Deal) soon. :)
Happy Easter to you to - and it's still below freezing here!
Happy Easter Gabriele! Here in Poland we've been snowed in on Easter morning. Tons of snow in my garden. Brace yourself! The spring is not coming! :-)
Happy Easter! I have awarded you another Liebster Blog Award. I know you've already been awarded one, so don't feel you need to do it again!
Thank you, everyone. It looks like spring will finally make a try for dominion this week.

Carla, thanks for the award.
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