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  It's Nano Time Again

I'm participating in the National Novel Writing Month again, and therefore I'm a lazy blogger and commenter. My regular readers may have guessed already. :-)

After last year's unexpected success I've grown more ambitious; I now want to win Nano even with Real Life (TM) getting in the way. Wish me luck.

You can follow my progress on the sidebar.

Autumn Forest

The photo shows part of the Hainich National Park in Thuringia, seen from the observation tower. The grey line in the right lower corner is the tree top walk we did back in 2011.

Good luck!
Na dann, viel Erfolg!
LG von der Silberdistel
Thank you, Anerje. Vielen Dank, liebe Silberdistel.

Right now I'm one day ahead of the schedule which gives me a little buffer towards a bad day.
Good luck, Gabriele! I will keep my fingers crossed for you :-)
Thank you, Kasia.

Right now it's going pretty well. I'm ahead the count for one day (1667 words) and a few hundred extra. It would be nice if I can keep that buffer.
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