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  Spring Impressions from the Danube

Life is a bit busy right now so here's another short picture post with spring photos, this time from the Danube.

View of the Danube from Castle Donaustauf

Castle Donaustauf, a formidable ruin, is situated at the Danube near Regensburg. Both the castle and the view were worth the climb albeit Regensburg in the background was hidden by the morning haze.

Shores of the Danube near Regensburg

I took a two hours mini cruise on the Danube to rest my feet after walking on cobblestones for hours. I love those little boat trips.

Traffic on the Danube

There is a fair bit of traffic on the Danube, though not as much as on the Rhine, at least not this far upriver. There is likely more downriver from Vienna to the Black Sea.

A side arm of the river

Sometimes the river branches off, either to form a peninsula, a bayou, or an abandoned meander, though the latter often have been filled in to make the river easier to navigate.

Spring blossoms

Spring was well on its way in early May.

The shore with castle Donaustauf in the background

A peek of castle Donaustauf from the cruise ship.

Closeup of castle Donaustauf

And a closeup of the castle with the remaining interior of the chapel painted in white.

The Walhalla

The Walhalla. No, not the Norse warrior heaven, though it's named after it. King Ludwig I of Bavaria (the grandfather of 'Mad King' Ludwig) built it in 1842 to commemorate important people of German culture and history. They a represented inside the Greek style temple by busts and tablets.

Against the sun

A nice view against the afternoon sun on the way back to Regensburg.

Interior of the ship

The interior of the ship, the Crystal Queen. Yes, she's decorated with Svarovsky crystals all over (including the bathrooms). The Regensburg Danube fleet has two of those sparkly ships.

Upriver towards Regensburg

Returning to Regensburg. Part of the town's Danube harbour can be spotted to the left.

The Danube, seen from castle Donaustauf

Another haze veiled view of the Danube from castle Donaustauf.
Ein schöner Bericht mit schönen und interessanten Bildern. Am besten gefällt mir das letzte Foto - der Blick auf die Donau von der Burg aus.
Liebe Grüße von der Silberdistel
Danke, liebe Silberdistel. Über die Burg muss ich auch mal einen Blog schreiben, wenn ich ein bischen mehr Zeit für die Recherche habe.
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