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  Christmas Pyramid

Toymaking is a great tradtion in a south-eastern area of Germany called Erzgebirge, and among their most famous Christmas decorations are pyramids. They come in all sizes from table decorations with one "floor" to big ones for market places (those work with electricity, though, not candles). The one my parents have is a three floor table pyramid in natural woods. Every figure, every detail is handmade.

I have a one floor painted pyramid that has been in the family for three generations. The larger one my parents bought some 20 years ago and it has for many years now replaced the Christmas tree.

We got other Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) Christmas decorations as well.

That is so exquisite!
So pretty! I wonder how long it took to make.
I remember the lady in the store said some 200 hours.
That is beautiful, Gabriele. Thanks for taking pictures and sharing them with us.
These are very beautiful.
Enchanting, really.
Can easily see them replacing a tree.
It's very relaxing to just sit and watch the candles burn and the figures moving round and round ... listening to some nice music.
Spectacular! I bet it is relaxing to sit and watch the candles.
Beautiful! Happy New Year!!!
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