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  Happy New Year

Ich wünsche allen ein gutes und erfolgreiches Neues Jahr.
I wish everyone a good and successful New Year.)

Happy New Year to you too. I hope it brings you writing success, especially with Storm over Hadrian's Wall -- that's my place and period!

Love your pics of the delightful German Christmas crafts. Lots of people around here visit the German Christmas markets every year for things like these.
Happy New Year to you also. Success with your story. May it bring you what you wish for it. I see you've linked to my blog. I shall return the favor. Thank you so much. I see you are german and a writer of historical novels. You should meet my friend Lisa S. - you can link to her from my blog - Daze of Whine and Roses. She also writes historical fiction and checks all my history for me. You two would probably find plenty to talk about. One of my stories is drawing a lot on Nova Roma. So we probably have some stuff to talk about also. Mindy
P.S. Lisa is a fan of Gryphius, the poet.
I wish you hadn't translated erfolgreiches. It was the only word I didn't know, and believe me, I had a different meaning for it than 'successful.'

Happy New Year, Gabriele!
Happy new year to you too! Hope it's a good one :).
thank you. Good New Year to you, too. I hope I can finish a first draft of either Storm over Hadrian's Wall or The Charioteer this year. Since I edit a lot while I go, first draft usually means a decent text, not a mess. :-)

thanks for the New Year wishes and for linking back to my blog. I'll check out Lisa's blog.

thinking with that body part again? *grin*

thanks. Happy New Year to you, too.
I love the photo Gabriele. That area seems so familiar to me somehow. I did spend about 4 months in Germany, from Friedrichshafen to Munich to Munster (Luneburge Heide - ok, I bet I've spelt it wrong but I remember there are two 'Munster's'... sort of) over to Berlin, up to Denmark, into Hamburg from Holland.

Maybe I should go get my glass filled and grab the photo albums...
Happy New Year Gabriele!!!!!
I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!!
I hope to see you in Germany some time!
danke! du auch.
Happy New Year and successful writing in 2006. I enjoy your blog and photographs. And I think your historical fiction project is fascinating. Good luck with it!
Late as always! Happy New Year Gabriele. Here's hoping it's a good one.

(ps. if this appears twice above here, then blame blogger)
Happy New Year, Gabriele.
Gabriele, I know this isn't German, but can you figure this out?

Bekijk de afbeelding op ware grootte.
280 x 420 pixels - 41k
Afbeelding kan verkleind worden weergegeven en auteursrechtelijk beschermd zijn

I want to know if I'm being insulted ;o)
something in the way of: Click on the pic for larger version ... The picture can have been rendered in minimized size or be protected by author corpyright.

To all others,
thank you very much for your good wishes and compliments about my blog and my writing.
Ha - and I'm even later with it. Hope you have a good one Gabriele!
Happy New Year, Gabriele! Love the photo. Brings back memories. I hope I get to visit Germany again sometime in the future. d:)
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