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  King Alfred tagged me

Found the fun thing on The Bitter Scroll, and while I don't know if my dear fellow king had a specific Charles in mind, I jumped at the occasion.

I am: Charles king of the Franks, (Imperator Romanum gubernans Imperium, too, but only in official documents).
I want: to Christianise all Saxons (well, I want them to pay taxes as well, but don't tell Eginhard).
I wish: that damn Widukind would submit already (I'm tired of building bridges across the wrong river).
I hate: wearing posh clothes (what's wrong with plain tunics, sheepskin cloaks and decent boots?)
I miss: my nephew Roland (and don't get me started about that thing with my sister).
I fear: my son will turn out a whimp (smashing chess boards isn't a sign of a future king but of a spoiled brat).
I hear: that drunken Englishman singing in the courtyard (Alcuin, keep the tone at least)
I wonder: who left those traces in the snow leading to Eginhard's quarter (and female traces, too).
I regret: having released Audgeir of Danemark (now he's harrassing Egberth bretanwealda of England, despite their former friendship).
I am not: a white bearded 200 year old grandpa however majestic looking (and the fact I can still chop bloody pagans into pieces doesn't make up for it).
I dance: but only after enough mead (hehe, filched that one from Alfred).
I sing: sometimes, when riding through the spring rain (no, there's no source, documentary or other, for that).
I cry: according to some sources a lot (but it isn't true).
I made: that bastard Tassilo crawl before me (and sent him off to a monastery - I admit I had some fun there, and it's a good example for a certain Renaud).
I am not always: building new churches and castles (sometimes I'm destroying others' castles).
I write: not very well (there's none but me who can read the scrabble).
I confuse: German and French tongues sometimes (after too much mead).
I need: more educated monks (also filched from Alfred, us kings tend to have the same problems).
I should: travel to Constantinople (and give the Emperor a demonstration what my knights can do).
I start: too many affairs with concubines (geez, I can't even remember the names of all of them, or their kids).
I finish: building the bathes at Aquisgranum (the official versions prefer to mention the church, though).
I tag: Memnon, Olympias, William Marshal, and King Edward II of England (and if Isabella or Hugh Despenser want to join, the more fun).

I admit, this is a mix of the historical Charlemagne, some legends and especially motives from chansons de geste .

Here is a list with links to other blogs who did the meme.
Great stuff, Gabriele! Edward II is mulling over his answers and will respond shortly. :)
So will Isabella or Hugh, once they quit fighting over who gets to go and once their scribe gets her stuff together.
Ditto for Memnon :)
Thanks everyone for playing along.
Nice. You did my own joke better than I did! :-P
Wow, that's impressive, G. I'm constantly astonished at your historical acumen. Every time I visit, I learn something new.

Way to go!
King Alfred,
thank you. That meme spreads; I think I'll collect the links to all those interesting and fun posts on other blogs in a few days.

Charlemagne and his representation in Medieaval literature is the subject of my - mostly neglected - PhD, so I had some fun with that meme. Some of the replies are taken from epics though, not what history we know about him. I'll disentangle it in a few days. I had hoped some of my readers would try to give it a go but I'm obviously the only specialist on Charlemagne here. :)
William Marshal's scribe having just returned from a dart's match and now catching up on a backlog of sundry parchments including the day job, will answer as soon as poss!
This is a terrific idea - and very interesting!!!
Lo Sam, you can have Iskander play along. :)

His mother will join soon.
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