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  I'm Back

Tired, and with a head full of new impressions. No, no plotbunnies this time, Augusta Treverorum (the name changed to Treviris in the 3rd century*) will play a minor role in The Charioteer and Endangered Frontiers anyway. And yes, you greedy folks (you know who you are, lol) there will be pictures. I took lots of them, and I want to prepare and archive them first.

Btw, I ate some Roman food, and it was pretty good. Unusual in the combination of ingredients and spices, but a lot better than the stuff I tried in Karlsruhe last year. There seems to be a difference between a mediocre cook and a skilled maître de cuisine getting at those old receipes.

* Both names go back to the name of the Treveri, a Belgic-Celtic tribe that gave Caesar a hard time. The city was founded by Augustus in 16 BC.

So, for today you'll have to do with a view from the former Roman base camp at Hedemünden to the Werra (Visurgis). Don't we have some beautiful landscapes in Germany?

What one can't see with all the foliage in summer is that the Werra makes a bend to the right that brings the river much closer to the fort. There lies the old river ford the fort protected. Good reason to go back there after the leaves have fallen - it's not far from Göttingen.
Nice photo!
That's a stunning photo. Germany really is a beautiful country.
Agreed - lovely. Is the camp on a hill? The photo seems to be looking down on the cillage and the river plain.
Wow, that is absolutely stunning. I've always wanted to visit Germany.
Thank you, everyone.

Carla, yes, there's the remains of a Roman base camp on the hill where I'm standing. It probably was used during the attempt at integrate Germania into the Roman provinces, from about 16 BC to 15 AD.
Carla's question was mine too.
Thank you, Gabriele.
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