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  Happy New Year

I wish everyone a Happy New Year,
good health and lots of publishing contracts or whatever success you desire. :)

Happy New Year to you too, and may you keep writing :-)
May your dreams come true this year, Gabriele.
Happy New Year, G., hope to see more of your writing, but especially the pieces of fascinating history and photos you give us.
May Janus look the right way for you ;).

(these word verifs don't get any easier--pkjxueqb! gfmvibsa!)
Thank you, everyone.

Jaye, no worries, I'll keep posting pics and history.

Buffysquirrel, welcome to my blog. I had to activate the word verification after I got inundated with comments telling me I should look at cool blogs that tried to sell me something. :)
Happy new year to you, too.
Happy New Year, Gabriele
Thank you, Jill and Carla.
Happy New Year, Gabriele! :-)

Happy, merry, wonderful new year to you and yours!

Best of luck and success for this year, with your WIPs and all those bunnies hoping around! ;-)
I wish you all the best for the new year, Gabriele. May all your dreams come true.
Thank you very much, Crystal, David and Marie. The best wishes to you as well.
Thank you! The same here!
And I'm echoing Jaye - love the photos & bits of history, thanks so much for posting on yout blog!
Happy New Year! May you be healthy, wealthy, and safe!
I should write more history tidbits, but the academic gets the better of me and I spend way too much time on background stuff for my posts. Can't seem to find the button to switch the Research Modus off. :)

Thank you, Megumi.
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