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  Pre-Christmas Inundation

Tomorrow is Dec. 22 and I haven't bought a single present yet. Not that I need to buy many, but still...

The dust bunnies in my flat threaten to overpower the plot bunnies; and I'm not sure 'rat nest' is a fashionable way to wear my hair - I need a cut tomorrow. I've baked one badge of cookies so far, and no idea what to have for Christmas dinner.

Has anyone seen all the time I still had at the beginning of December?

More Christmas decorations.

Close-up, without flash again, but this time I managed to keep my hand steady.
The little trees are Erzgebirge craft again, the cradle is handmade from a Kibbuz in Israel.

And Scott has hooked me something good on Conan. Evil guy; there's two more volumes in the series and I'm out of money.
At least you've got decorations. I haven't even got that far yet. Worse yet, my parents turn up on Saturday and sometime between now and then I've got to find a house under this mountain of kipple.
Your time came and seduced mine away from me, and now they've eloped to Las Vegas.

I bought some presents today, but we've not got any decorations. Don't suppose it matters, given that we're going to relatives for Christmas, but yours look so very pretty.
If you've got 'rat's nest' hair, I suspect that means you've got thick, wavy hair. Mine's straight as anything, and I alway envy people with wavy hair, so I want your 'rat's nest' - a quick go with a brush normally sorts mine out :-(

Your Christmas decorations are lovely, btw :-)
Dust bunnies versus plot bunnies - now that sounds like an epic battle scene in the making :-)

I'm afraid I did most of the shopping online this year, so apart from a parcel from Amazon that's looking like it's going to be a New Year present instead, mine have all arrived. Still have to wrap them though, and bake mince pies, cake, puddings etc. But hey, there are 2 days to go and at least I'm not working this weekend :-)
Happy Christmas, Gabriele, and I agree with Alex, your decorations are lovely.
Lol, James
at least Buddug won't get lost in the kipple, she's too big. :)

so that's where the time is hanging out. Thought it was a refugium for muses, albeit mine prefers pubs. I've chained him up during the holidays.

Yep Alex,
curls that never do what they're supposed to.

I only wish they would not use this damn war cry. :D Merry Christmas.

And thanks for the nice word about my decorations, eveyone.
Can I come to your house for Christmas? You have decorations... I have Corgi hair tumbleweeds.

I take exception to "rat's nest". My ratties have very tidy nests. *g*
Corgi hair tumbleweeds, lol.

Suppose the Queen doesn't have to deal with these herself. :)
Hilarious post, Gabriele! I know the feeling. Merry Christmas to you and your family, and a joyful New Year. d:)
Merry Christmas to you and yours, Debra.
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