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  Winter Wonderland

The different daylight savings (we're at it come weekend) all over the globe must really have confused poor Petrus. The result can be seen here.

Since I still have some place on my shelves (and got some repay from last years monthly advance payment for heating and water), I ordered two books about the Varus battle and the Romans in Germania - besides the biographies of Augustus and Arminius I bought last month, so I'll finish the series of posts about the German Wars soon.

Snow petals - very beautiful photos, Gabriele.
Your photographs are lovely!
Impressive snow cover :-) It's mostly gone here.
Snow in spring!
Lovely pictures -
Our snow has all melted, but it's still cold. Brrr!!
Oh, pretty frosting! I love when snow covers everything lightly - sometimes. I saw snow yesterday... I drove 20 miles, it was dry and sunny, I plunged into a fog bank where it was snowing like crazy, piling on the roads and sagebrush. Twenty miles later I came out and it was dry and sunny again. The change happened within 1/4 mile. Wyoming's own Bermuda Triangle? When I drove home that afternoon, there was no sign of snow anywhere.

I love spring. :P
It's spring now :)

And you've been tagged in a stupid blog-game. Absurdity at my blog.

Have fun ;)
Thank you for the compliments.

that's weird. You think the gnomes were behind it? Maybe you've got snow gnomes in Wyoming.

I did that meme in January, so I'm safe this time. *grin*

The snow is changing into rain, but it's still cold and windy and so not spring. Too bad it wasn't enough snow for a bit cross country skiing, I can forgive that even im March. :)
Gabriele, I think Orcs were behind it. ADD Orcs, who forgot what they were doing and wandered off to eat pudding. Gnomes have a bigger attention span.

Yeah. Orcs.
I'm telling you, we Orcs are all sweetness and light. This smear campaign must stop, lest we engage our goblin lawyers.

Of course, gnomes *do* have longer attention spans . . . and they taste better with ketchup.

Scott, Speaker for the Orcs

PS: it's sunny and 81 degrees here. Neener-neener-neeeeener . . .
I don't fear your goblin lawyers. I'll sic my Roman lawyers at them. And if needs be, I can give my Roman lawyers an army to back them up. :)
Scott, bring it on. Our lawyer can take your lawyer...

He got a grim a determined look, too. :)
On second glance, I prefer the snow to the relentless deluge of rain we've been having on the Coast. And no end in sight. Where oh where is the Springtime?
Okay, Constance. That made me laugh. "A Gnome for all Seasons." I shall shelve my horde of goblin lawyers (who, I've just been informed, are actually paralegals at the firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe . . . which goes to prove that age-old nugget of advice: never play poker with a man named Doc; never eat at a place called "Mom's", and never trust a goblin in a suit [apologies to Jim Hines]).

I see, too, that photoshop is your procrastination drug of choice . . .
"A Gnome for all Seasons."? I love it....
Scott- Why yes, I do have a copy of Photoshop (and Painter) lurking on my computer. Campaign Cartographer for when I'm feeling really brave. (Or stuck)

And I'm not actually procrastinating - just pondering how to tie some dangling plot threads together before a battle scene. Creating gnomes helps me concentrate. :P

Is it true goblin lawyers make hor'dourves out of double crossing clients?
Is it true goblin lawyers make hor'dourves out of double crossing clients?

From the Desk of G. Foinkleman, lead counsel for the firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe:

"We're sorry. We can neither confirm nor deny that information at this time. Please be aware that we do not believe a lack of an answer on our part should be construed as an admission of guilt. Than you for your cooperation. Canape?"
Gorgeous, G.! I wish it snowed here...
It didn't snow enough for my taste. I want three feet of the sutff, lol.
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