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  Everything is packed

especially the waterproofs. The forecast looks very British. ;)

I'll be back June 10.

Constance, don't send the gnomes over to create havoc on my blog, or I'll get me a gladius or some other pointy tool.

Trier Cathedral
seen from the upper floor of the Porta Nigra
Oh, yes it is raining over here. With more forecast :-(
Well, there goes my fun... *sends disappointed gnomes over to Scott's blog*

Lesson for the day: A katana makes a better watermelon carver than a gladius. That is if you want slices, not holes...
Have a great time, Gabriele. I think we had summer in April this year, but at least you missed the downpour last weekend!
Enjoy the ghosts, Gabriele.
~imagining a whole herd of plot bunnies following Gabriele back on the plane~
We expect MANY pictures when you get back.
Have a happy time, Gabriele! d:)
Have a great time, Gabriele!

(Yeah, I know -- long time no write. But enjoy yourself just the same!)
Thank you, everyone. :))

Constance, and there I thought you'd be off creating a Roman gnome with gladius and helmet to greet me upon my return. ;)
Sorry Gabriele, I've been tormenting David and got behind. :)I'm working on a non-gnome painting of a Roman if that counts.
Tormenting David - did you send the gnomes over to his blog as well? :)
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