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  I'm Back

It was a great tour and I managed to see a lot. I need a new set of feet, though, the ones I have are pretty much worn out. I only got supplementary plot bunnies, not new stories. And the suppies are nice.

Here's a short summary in 12 points.

- The Romans are everywhere.
- Especially their stones.
- Bookstores are evil.
- It only rained one afternoon, but then it poured.
- Kids in school uniforms look cute.
- They speak funny in Newcastle.
- British buses don't get you anywhere.
- I love the tea cooking facilities in B&Bs.
- Fish 'n Chips is ewww.
- The Normans really got around.
- Jorvik Viking Museum rocks.
- Everything except books and ale is expensive.

I've got some 800 pics to sort out, and that's only the digital colour ones. I took a nice bunch of black and white ones with my old analog camera as well. So here's an old one again - for Susan Higginbotham who wanted to know what Eilean Donan Castle looks like.

Me in front of Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland.
This raises questions that I look forward to seeing answered.
Good start, Gabriele. Winter and wolves just seem to go together, and winter and Norsemen---don't get me started. :)
Good snippet. It'll be interesting to see how it fits with the other snippets you've posted.
Glad you had a good trip, can't wait to see the photos. One comment and a question. 1) I agree with you on the fish, but I thought the chips were great (especially with lots of vinegar and salt), and 2) Why are bookshops evil? Have a good weekend, Ann
"the song of wind and wolves"
"the wolves howled about hunger and hunt"
Nice. The traditional alliterative pattern.
I like it very much.
Thanks, Jean.
I've tried to write Fantasy before, but this time it's really fun.

winter and wolves and a sorcerer. *evil grin*

I work on several projects, so the snips won't go all in one big book. :) But this one fits with the other Kormac snippet.
I thought the chips were soggy, and I totally don't like them with vinegar. We have more crisp ones here that go with mayonnaise or ketchup. And bookstores are evil because they make me buy books that I have to carry home.

thank you. I try to go for a somewhat 'Norse epics' tone here.
Thanks for the lovely picture, Gabriele! Looking forward to the others. And I enjoyed the snippet!
Welcome Back, Gabriele! Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

I like your writing style. Clear, vivid.

Looking forward to reading more!
I agree with Bernita on those phrases - 'hunger and hunt' caught me particularly.

You're right about the buses. :-D

And the Romans... but spend any length of time in Scotland and you'll find that there are much older stones everywhere, covered in symbols. And in the North-East there seems to be a stone circle about every five miles. :-)

I loved Jorvik when I was a kid, but was disappointed when I last went; thought it had aged badly.
Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and the one of you in front of the castle is super.

Nice snippet.
Welcome back. :) The dark side has missed you. Anxiously awaiting more snippets, because wolves are good!
Welcome back!
Iant - please note the Jorvik Viking Centre has been refitted within the last few years.
Thanks for the nice words upon my return, everyone.

as Alex said, the Jorvik Museum has been improved recently, and the ride through the reconstructed Viking settlement is so interesting I took it twice (for the same price) to see more details. Unfortunately, photographing is not allowed. :(

About those wolves ... well, they will play a role in the story. *grin*
Heh. To your points:

Of course!
... they do...?
Tea is a specialty.
They're the equivalent of snails in France.
Yep, they're buggers, aren't they.
Take your word for it.

Welcome back!
Welcome back. You're right about the buses!
Cheap books and cheap ale - what else do you need? ;)

Well, chocolate, obviously.
I prefer German chocolate. But you have a point. :)
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