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  Rain Again

After almost three weeks of Golden October, the nasty version of autumn is back with a vengeance, rain, storm, snow and cold. Much as I like the snow, I'm afraid if we have winter in October, we're going to get spring in January, much like we had summer in April and autumn in July and August this year.

I would mind less if the owner of my appartment buidling hadn't decided to give the balconies a new layer of Kemperol right now. The work gets delayed and the damn stuff won't dry.

The picture to the right is me in the rain, taken on the Limes path Walldürn in the Odenwald forest. At that point I had decided to grin at the rain instead of getting pissed. And since my shoes were already soaked (because I have some 25 pair and yet forgot to bring decent ones), I didn't mind wading through more wet grass and puddles. I'm a tough German, not a spoiled Roman who needs hots baths and hypocaust heating. *grin*

BTW, the Friday snippet will be late. I got delayed by a trainwreck.
Hey! Did you read the comments over on Dear Author? (There are like 400 of them). Something of an equally bizarre vein happened at the dayjob while I was on vacation, and I got back in time to deal with the aftermath. Very bizarre, and very nervous making. Much of it seems very arbitrary. Ack!!! My snippet will probably also be up late. Have a great weekend. Great pic, by the way. :)
Yes, I read those comments, too. I should know better than to click that sort of links. ;)

Thank you, have a great weekend, too.
Great picture; I like your raincoat. I was never smart enough to own a raincoat, and umbrellas never seem to be in the right place when I need them...

Looking forward to your snippet later!
Hi! I'm visiting via your comments on Making Light. Your blog is very well-done, I'll definitely be back.

I'm in Germany, too -- Ratingen near Düsseldorf -- or Hratinga, as it was originally. There is nothing cooler than having my children have the opportunity to go on class trips to Xanten and Trier.

Are you familiar with Gisbert Haefs' historical fiction? I really enjoy it, and it seems well-researched, but I'm no authority.

Bleib' schön trocken :)
Aawww... and here I was during triple maths thinking, "Well, at least when I get home Gabriele will have posted a snippet" ;)

Mhm... rain. Here, too. And sleet. There's snow on the hilltops.

I'm very jealous of those green leaves in the background.
I have half a dozen umbrellas, that enhances the chance to have one where you need it.

Hi Debbie,
thank you for visiting and for your kind words about my blog. You live in the middle of Roman country, lol. I have been to Trier, but Koblenz is on my list of places to see.
I have read some of Haefs' books. They are decently researched, but I'm not too wild about the underlying Marxist ideologie in the way he presents the antique societies. But our family is allergic to the politics my parents left behind when they fled east Germany in the 50ies. So I'm not unbiased.

Lol Celede,
well, the snippet is up now.
The photo is from August; the leaves are no longer green here.
Your umbrella would be in danger of blowing away if you were in NZ. It's meant to be spring but it's cold and so windy hubby's van shuddered like crazy when we were driving along the motorway this morning.

BTW - I loved your creative insults ;)
The raincoat has a hood, but I hate wearing those.

Maybe in NZ. :)
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