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  German Winter

Do you see any snow here?

No, you don't because there isn't any. Some sun, some clouds and rain, some more sun, and too warm for the time of the year. I want snow, dangit.
I'd give you some of ours if I could. This winter has shown us nothing but snow and more snow.
I'll send you some. It's actually snowing now, for the first time in, hm, five weeks.
We had a lot of snow in December. It mostly melted by the 24th and snowed on again the 26th. Backwards!
I feel your pain! It's been warmer here than usual (not that we get much snow anyway).
We've had warm, rainy weathere here too. I want snow - whaaaaa!
Of course, if I went to the mountains I'd get some snow. Maybe I'll take a trip to the Alps.
Ok, shove those snow clouds over, Cheryl.

Celede, what's the matter with the Norvegian winter? No snow for five weeks? Scary. :)

Hank, that's because Santa Claus' doesn't want to pay his reindeer the bad weather extra fee. ;)

Susan, I bet it's all the fault of those damn Woodvilles. :)

Sam, it sucks, doesn't it? Not even the Harz mountains have much snow left.
I'd love a snowday. It's not very likely, but I can hope, right? I did see snow when I went home for Christmas though, so at least I saw some.
Trade ya!

My front porch collapsed under the weight of more than a meter of snow. We have had 3 instances of water main breakage due to frost fighting all the way down to the pipes...more than 8 feet in one case. Deer are lying dead in the fields...they can't get through the snow to feed. They seem to consider the Canadian roads to be long salt licks, so they often end up in the passenger's seats at 1 AM after a sudden trip through the front window. (its true, deer kill more Canadians than hand guns and pit bulls combined. Hmmmmmmm)
The big maple trees around here are all split in half lengthwise from heavy snow....and the pine trees are exploding from the frost. Coyotes and coy-dogs are cleaning out the pet population because they are getting even more hungry than usual, and nobody bothers keeping cats any more since they rarely come back in the morning. A German Shepherd was killed in the owner's backyard just three kilometers up the road by a very hungry pack of coy-dogs.
The "crystal wonderland" took out dozens of power lines last week, leaving thousands of homes in the dark. Including mine.
We have already lost 4 percent of our homeless in the city...and it is only into January. Freezing to death under bridges is probably peaceful, but still a problem. We usually lose 10 percent every winter. It is not a self correcting problem though.
The municipal budget of the city cannot afford to provide housing for the homeless...all their budget goes into snow removal, and we are now borrowing from next year.

And the price of heating fuel is due to double in the next two years.

So, like I said....

trade ya!
Ouch Bill, that sounds like a bit much snow indeed. Most power lines are under the earth here, but some districts that still had old powerlines got problems after a snow storm last year.
And we don't have coyotes.
I can offer you rain, and more rain :-)
Lol, that one is on the way hither already. :)
I can relate. Haven't seen any proper snow here in London for at least ten years now.
I bet you get more than your share of fog, though. :)
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