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  Happy Easter

I wish everyone a Happy Easter. May there be lots of delicious food, yummy chocolate eggs, and a warm spring breeze.

The latter I won't get this year; we have snow. In March instead of January.

Lambs at Housesteads

Didn't see any bunnies in England though they are a plague in some areas. Hiding in the bushes when I walked past them, I bet. Plot bunnies, now they were another matter.
What kind of Easter eggs do Plot Bunnies bring???

(Maybe word verification ones? Mine was "kqzwvcbx" Yikes!)
Happy Easter!

No warm spring breeze here, unfortunately. I went for a walk this morning and slipped on some ice, very embarrassingly.
Happy Easter!
Constance, books. :)

Alianore, there was such a nice cover of snow this morning, but the midday sun is already too strong, and it turned into slush. :(

Thank you, Ann.

And a happy Easter to you!

The second day of spring I shoveled a foot of snow drifting to 2 feet (2/3 meter)in front of the garage.

Do you have any plot bunnies that can pull a snowplow?
Is this a photo of the famous plot sheep of Hadrian's Wall?

Belated Happy Easter!
Happy Easter! Snow in march? Yikes! Hopefully spring will arrive where you are soon.

Plot bunnies. The worst kind...
Happy Easter to you also, Gabriele. We didn't get much snow this year in Southern Maryland.
Ouch, that's a lot of snow, Hank. Somehow the distribution is so unequal, some get all the snow and blizzard and we didn't get much all winter.

Sarah, plop sheep, rather. They left their little brown thingies all over the place.

Meghan, I decided to enjoy it while it lasts. Even in March. :)
Thanks, Jeff.
Happy Easter, Gabriele. I'm so glad we don't get snow in Auckland.
We have winter in March too, which I suppose is fair enough since we had spring in February. Happy Easter anyway!
Yeah, anf if it goes on like that we'll have summer in April and autumn in June, just like last year. The weather's gone mad. ;)
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