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Because it is such a pretty place, here's a photo of the B&B where I stayed in Corbridge: Hayes Guest House. They have a huge garden facing downhill towards the Tyne river. Just the place to sit and read on a sunny summer evening.

The weather displayed a strange pattern the first days: sunshine in the mornings, an overcast sky in the afternoons, and sun again in the evenings.
What a gorgous place! I love this building it's just beautiful.

I bought a digital camera the other day and am all excited to start taking pictures, but the only downside is that in California there's almost that's over a hundred years old to take pictures of (the house I live in is one of the few exceptions).

At any rate, great shot! I look forward to more pics in the future. :)
*There's almost nothing that's over 100 years old, I meant. Sorry. :p
Gorgeous picture. And it looks to be a grand place to stay while hunting the plotbunnies. :)
Beautiful! *envy* I'd love to stay there.

I assume that plotbunnies were plentiful under the bushes in the garden?

Our weather is like that a lot. Strange, but we're used to it. :-D
Meghan, digital cameras are fun. And if not history, there should be some nice landscape in California. My cousin lives there.

Ann and Jen, there were bunnies in the garden. The little critters are almost a plague in the area. Won't be surprised if not some plotbunnies had sneaked in as well. :)
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