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  Spring is Coming

That's a view from my balcony about two weeks ago. Winter had decided January was not much fun to be around, but April was. Added nuisance factor or something. Though I love snow even in April.

That's the same view a few days ago. Lots of rain and rising temperatures really made the shots shoot, and then the sun decided to play along as well.

Heather in the snow.

Pansies in the sunshine.

Closeup of a violet I planted last week.

We call them Stiefmütterchen, little stepmothers, though I have no idea how such pretty flowers deserve a name associated with the bad girl from the fairy tales.
*shields eyes against the bright green* What is this "spring" you're talking about? ;)
Did you have a snowball fight, or was there too little snow for that?

And it looks as though I need to catch up with my blog reading, lol. Where did March & April go?
Don't you love sunny, spring days? And I love pansies too - they have such sweet little faces!
Celede, spring is that thing that happens in July in Norway. You know, some warmer days, more sunlight and a few flowers peeking out through the rests of snow. :)

Sam, I'd love them even more if the birches would decide to spread their pollen elsewhere.
It's lovely to see the flowers blooming, isn't it? Spring is getting here at last! :)
Beautiful pansies!
Loved the pansies!
Yes, they're pretty. And I hope I won't get a pic of pansies in the snow - by now, even I have enough of winter. :)
I love the window boxes. Pansies are always so cheerful. Nice photos, Gabriele.
My garden is starting to grow too - especially the weeds! Which means I shall be having to spend more time on my hands and knees in the dirt (no, put those thoughts away!) than on the computer!

Seeing those pansies, I might put some violas in somewhere!
*Kicks Blogger for eating my comment*

Love the flowers! It's really spring-like here too, at least 20 degrees. I went for a walk earlier, and it was wonderful to feel the warm sunshine on my face after what feels like an eternity (considering we had no summer last year!)
The weeds always grow faster than the rest of the lot, Lady D. :)

Blooger is hiccuppy today, Alianore. Yes, the warm sun is nice for a change; wonder how long it'll last.
Don't pansies also go by the name Heart's Ease?
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