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  Nessie of Loch Edersee

The lake looks peaceful on a warm summer afternoon. But the people in that sailing boat are not aware of the danger lurking in the cold, murky depths, seldom to surface. And if it does, beware!

If you look towards the bottom of the pic, in the wake of our boat you can see a fearsome monster rising its head. Or tail. Or whatever.

Behold, it is Nessie of Loch Edersee, the famous monster of Germany's largest reservoir lake, bane of boats and bathers alike. Sightings are rare, but for some reason she decided to follow our boat and allowed me to take some pictures.

Cute, isn't she? It's my niece's toy, and yes, she is called Nessie. The monster, not my niece. Her name is Mailin.

Here she is, giving Nessie some well deserved rest from racing through the cold water. The photo was taken last year; she's grown a bit since then.
Just watched a programme on the History Channel about the excavations in Eboracum....the skeletons of some 30 victims of Caracalla's purge. They made some interesting statistics...."some say as many as 50,000 of Septimus Severus's soldiers were killed attempting to subdue the Scottii, and that Caracalla cemented his reign with the mortar of 20,000 victims. Wonder where they got those numbers?

Wotta guy!
Wonderful water pictures and your niece's hair looks like silk.
Aw, you mean to say Nessie isn't real? Great photos. I loved the first one.
Awww, your niece is so sweet! She reminds me of my daughter, Ellie at the same age. Wish they'd stay like that instead of growing in to that alien species called 'The Teenager'.
LOl, they got those numbers out of the blue. Numbers are the least realiable feature in every source. :)

Bernita, it feels like silk, too, and it's even longer now.

Thanks, Shelley. Well, I haven't seen a Nessie anywhere so far, not even at Loch Ness. Maybe she emigrated to NZ? Keep a look out for the old girl. :)

Lady D, she's sweet, but she has a head of her own already.
Love the sea-monster! And your niece is adorable.
Yeah, they're both cute little monsters. :)

She's toooo cute!

Your niece, not the nessie.
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