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  Feeling Better

but stiill pretty tired. Thank you all for the well wishes. That was one evil bug I caught there.

I have another fun pic for you. When I visited Caerphilly Castle, I came across a reenactment company demonstrating the use of muskets, archery and sword fighting. I managed to play with a musket and tried to use a bow - quite successfully. It was a lot of fun.

Yours truly checking the firing mechanism of a musket.
My hair's a mess because of the wind.

Inside the great hall was a surgeon with his instruments, and more demonstrations like making butter and carding wool. No wonder I spent a lot of time in Caerphilly Castle.

Yes, I took pictures and I'll get the best ones up and running the next days.

The picture was again taken by Adrienne Goodeneough (Cadw) who some days later caught me in conversation with Master James in Caernarfon Castle.
I am really, really envious right now. Positively green. Sounds like a blast. I haven't shot anything blackpowder in at least 15 years, nor a bow in about 10.

Though, if I get the job I interviewed for the other day, I'll be able to swing joining the archery club at the university.
Glad you're feeling better! Bet that bug really took it out of you, though.

Wow, playing around with a musket sounds like a lot of fun!
Good grief you look scary with that thing! I'm glad we're friends!

Glad that you're better too. Don't overdo things for a while.
Take it easy until you're 100 %, Gabriele.

What I want to know, did that thing kick like a mule?
Library Rat, I sometimes accompany my father to the shooting club and then play with anything that goes boom. Preferably the big toys.

Alianore, tourists weren't allowed to actually fire the things. Safety measures, I suppose, after all, they are dangerous weapons.

Lady D, that musket was bigger and heavier than anything I've played with before.

Bernita, I admit I'd have loved to actually fire the thing, but those reenactment people have to stick to their rules, I suppose, even with tourists who have shooting experience. But I have fired my father's Schweden Mauser (the closest in size and power to a musket) and it has a nice little recoil. *grin*
Woow! What an awesome picture! I got to play with a crossbow once at a fair...that's about it for me and weapons...:p

Can't wait for more pics! Glad you're feeling better, btw.
Cool picture. At the dayjob, we used to have a (US) Civil War Days event, with cavalry and artillery demonstrations and all sorts of fun (includint woodworker, butter-making, and reenactors who would camp on the lawn). A friend of mine has a medieval festival at her library, complete with trebuchet (which only sometimes works).
All those reenactment shows and craft demonstrations are a lot of fun. :)
Glad you're feeling better!
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