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  Happy New Year

We're close to the beginning of the New Year, and it's time again for making resolutions that won't be kept until January 10th or so. Personally, I've given up on that, but some historical characters have made New Year Resolutions that can be found here and on the blogs of Susan Higginbotham and Nan Hawthorne.

  • Alexander the Great: Come up with other town names than Alexandria.
  • Hannibal: Take some lessons in Italian geography.
  • Arminius: Kick the Romans out of Germania and myself into German legend.
  • Chariovalda: Take swimming lessons.
  • Nero: Win Roman Idol and tour Greece.
  • Septimius Severus: Spend some quality time with my sons.
  • Caracalla: Get a bigger bathroom.
  • Louis the Pious: Tell my sons I'm the king and can send them to bed without supper.
  • Maud: Have an equal opportunity commisioner present at the royal succession debate.
  • Heinrich IV: Rehearse that contrite expression.
  • Richard Lionheart: Be nice to Johnny.
  • Edward I: Take a course in accountancy.
  • William Shakespeare: Do more research.
  • Sir Walter Scott. Stop collecting antiquites. My house is cluttered already.
  • Richard Sharpe: Settle down. Well, maybe..

  • I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
    Love 'em, especially Maud!
    I can identify with "stop collecting antiques". The others are intriguing.

    Happy New Year, Gabriele. I look forward to more of your wonderful posts.
    Heheh. I like them. :) I did something like this, only with my characters.

    Happy New Year, Gabriele! May your 2009 be happy, and may your plotbunnies be fecund. ;)
    Win Roman Idol and tour Greece! LOL!

    Thanks for a fun post!
    Great fun. Sharpe did settle down eventually :-)

    Happy New Year!
    LOL - great resolutions. Perhaps you should whip out the time machine and tell them in person. ;)

    Happy New Year, Gabriele.
    These were hilarious. Thanks for the smile. And Happy New Year to you too!
    I think my favorite might be Nero's.
    Thank you, everyone.

    Marg and Wynn, if Nero lived today, I could totally see him as popstar. :)
    Perfect! Haha!
    Loved the list!

    Best wishes for a fabulous New Year 2009!
    The Maud one made me smile, and the Shakespeare one made me laugh. Happy New Year!

    Hope you have a great 2009. I'm looking forward to all your future posts!
    Thanks, Meghan, Jennifer and Lady D.
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