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  Historical Christmas Wishes

Trust Susan Higginbotham and Nan Hawthorne to come up with some fun. What some historical characters would like to find under the Christmas tree.

  • Varus: To just get OUTTA HERE.
  • Arminius: Roman baths.
  • Segestes: An obedient daughter.
  • Caligula: Shiny new boots.
  • Nero: An e-guitar.
  • Agricola: Caledonia.
  • Calgacus: More PS to my chariot.
  • Maximinus Thrax: More wine.
  • Honorius: Some sheets to hide under until the Visigoths are gone.
  • Charlemagne: A new rearguard.
  • Heinrich I: Fowling equipment. A crown would be nice, too.
  • Heinrich IV: A pope's head or two in a vinegar jar.
  • Heinrich the Lion of Saxony: My lands back.
  • Friedrich Barbarossa: A life jacket.
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: Marriage counselling for my husband. It's not my fault.
  • Henry II: Family therapy for my wife and sons. It's not my fault.
  • Llywelyn Fawr. Glass windows for Criccieth Castle.
  • Richard III: A horse.
  • William Wallace: The director of Braveheart.
  • Duke of Wellington: Night. Or the Prussians.

  • Here's the reason why Llywelyn wants new windows
    Love 'em! And I do hope Llywelyn gets those new windows.
    Great stuff. William Wallace made me laugh. Happy holidays. :)
    I love it... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.. the ones I laugh4ed most at were Eleanor and Henry II.

    By the way, Charlemagne is contemporary to my fictional King Lawrence.

    Thank you, Susan. Come think of it, Llywelyn needs a new roof, too. Damn expensive castle maintenance.

    Shelley, I'm sure he'd love to show Mel Gibson the real Scotland, mwuahah. Happy Holidays to you as well.

    Thank you, Nan. I keep filching Susan's fun memes, that's not the first one. :)
    I have a plotbunny about Charlemagne in my files (or under the bed where I keep the buggers) as well. But first I'll have to finish the Romans and that Fantasy NiP.
    Great stuff. It's a glorious view from those glass-less windows, at least on a fine day
    Lots of wind, though, Carla. :)

    But yes, it was a glorious view and a fine, sunny day.
    Llywelyn deserves new windows! What a view.
    LOL! This was great, Gabriele. It inspired me to do something similar with my own characters, when I get better
    Thank you, Barbara and booklover.
    Roflol. Love 'em!

    Agricola: Caledonia

    With Ireland as a stocking-filler, maybe? :)

    I'll add:

    Caratacus: A home in the sun. Fed up roughing it in rainy Britain, anyway.

    Boudicca: Catus Decianus' delicates in a jar.

    Venutius: A good divorce lawyer.

    Septimius Severus: Family therapy for the kids. Don't know where I went wrong with those two.

    Caracalla: To be an only child.

    Macbeth: William Shakespeare. By the throat.

    Ghost of Aonghas Og: A new harpist.
    Roflol Kirsten. Love the Venutius one, and Septimius should have a talk with Henry II. Being a father is so not easy. ;)
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