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  It's Official

I'm traveling to Scotland June 3 to June 17. One part of the journey will take place in the Edinburgh - Stirling - Falkirk area, including the Antonine Wall, and the second part in Oban and the interesting places to be found in the surroundings, like Mull and Iona and a few castles. Maybe some Pictish or Dálriatan remains as well.

Edinburgh Castle

I hope I'll get some better pics this time than scans of old photos.
Sounds wonderful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the weather!
Love the photo of Edinburgh Castle! One of my favourite haunts.

Vacations away are great to look forward to.

I'll be back over the weekend to catch up on my reading. My new job is taking its toll of my reading time.
Lucky you!
Thank you, Irene, Lady D, Barbara and Susan.
My old sergeant used to swear most creatively when seeing pictures of Edinburgh castle...seems they had to march up it every morning when he was in the army...oh, to relieve the garrison I suppose. The march was steep, and the hobnails on the boots made it slippery, and it was a rare week that someone didn't get a groin injury from trying to keep in step on that awful march.
He told me that he quit the army when his warrant officer went nuts and ordered his men to jump off the wall for "training", and put more than half his platoon into hospital. I believe it was the wall shown in your picture...that picture reminded me of that old barracks tale.

Sounds like fun.

I am looking forward to the picutes.
Great news! I'll look forward to posts from Scotland!
Have a lovely time!
Have a great time, and looking forward to the pics!
Thank you, Hank, Satima, Carla, and Alianore.

those sergeants are the same all over the world, it seems. And through history as well. :)
Ooh, sounds great. I love Scotland.
Have a great time. I wish I could go, but not this year.
Thanks, Shelley and Ann.
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