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  It's Too Hot

Up to 30°C in the afternoons, and a humidity of 90% - at least if feels that way. That constellation leads to some nasty thunderstorms as well. Fortunately the worst ones have missed my place so far, but there'll be an increased risk of thunderstorms during the weekend. And I so don't like it hot; I want to go back to Scotland where there's usually a cool breeze from the sea.

Oban in the evening sun

It's also no fun to have a cold in weather like this; it sorta feels wrong. Colds belong in winter so you can coddle yourself with hot tea and blankets.
Hope you feel better soon, Gabriele!
Sending lots of sympathy your way - especially after having the flu myself a couple of weeks ago. And yes, it is too hot for us people used to a cooler climate!

Get better soon!
Hope you feel better!
Yuk. Thirty degrees with 90% humidity is worse, to my mind, than 35 degrees with low humidity. I hope the weather changes soon and your cold goes away as well!
Hope you feel better soon, and the weather cools off soon too.
Love the pictures from your trip. :)
Thank you, everyone.

I think the worst of the cold is over, but it's still too hot despite the forecast's threats of the Return of the Rain. ;)
Gabriele, I had to laugh about your post because I'm complaining about the cold over at my blog. I hope you get better soon. It's no fun having a cold, no matter what the weather.
Glad the worst of your cold is over! And at least it's cooler and a lot less humid now, too.
Lol Shelley, you got winter down under, it's supposed to be cold. ;)

By now the temperature is down in the 18-20ies, and we have a ten minute pattern of sun - downpour and wind - sun - downpour and wind....
Colds are no fun in the heat. Makes your brain go all upside down! Hope you feel better soon.
Having a cold during hot summer weather is not nice. Drink your lemon tea with a nice shot of whisky and cuddle in your blankets just the same.
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