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  Weather Patterns

This summer could be classified as crazy, but following a pattern - at least in Germany. It goes like this:

  • Day 1: patchy clouds, mostly dry and warm
  • Day 2: sunny and warm, getting humid
  • Day 3: sunny, HOT and HUMID
  • Day 4: hot, humid, big fat thunderstorms
  • Day 5: rain and wind, cooler
  • Day 6: showers, still windy, cold
  • Day 7: overcast, few showers, getting warmer.

  • Rinse and repeat.

    Thunderstorm clouds

    At least it makes for an interesting sky sometimes. Here's one of those big fat thunderstorms coming in from the south-west (their favourite direction).


    Sometimes there are rainbows when the storm moves east and the sun comes out again; a constellation that happens mostly in the afternoon.

    After the storm

    And an hour later the sky looks as if it never did anything bad.

    But since this fun is going on more or less since I returned from Scotland, I could do with some different weather. What about a few not too hot but sunny days in a row?
    LOL, just the same changeable weather here. 2 days ago it was hot as heck, and today I almost feel like putting the heating on - but it's meant to be up at least to the high 20s again in a couple of days.
    Well, at least you know roughly what to expect :-)

    The rainbow looks spectacular. Did it last long?
    Alianore, the area along the Rhine is even worse when it comes to heat and thunderstorms. ;)

    Carla, about 20 minutes or so. At some point it even got a very faint second one for a bit.
    Strangely the weather here in Northern CA has been warm and sunny (usually it's cold and foggy). Dare I blame global warming?
    I'm (slowly) working my way through a beginning German reader from 1961, and the book insists that where Americans talk too much about humidity, Germans' weather conversations are obsessed with die Luft. Tell me, how badly am I being misinformed by this funny little book? :)
    Jeff, well it is Luftfeuchtigkeit (humidity) Luftdruck (pressure) etc. ;)
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