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  Happy Halloween

Or should that be Scary Halloween, lol?

Get out of the woods before it's dark.

A way in the Harz National Park

Happy Hallowe'en to you :-)
You know that you and everybody who posts on this blog are invited to the great pumkin cutting tournament this coming Saturday. Bring a sword. And a jack o lantern.

No RSVP is required, and if you can't make it all the way to Ottawa, then you will just have to have it in YOUR back yard, and then hoist a few over the mangled remains. Send me pictures. I'll post 'em, you betcha!
Thank you, Carla.

Stag, that sounds like fun. If only I could get a decent sized pumpkin here, but what's in the stores won't even make a gnome, let alone a Jack o' the lantern. :)
It's a bit belated but Happy Halloween. Great pic.
Hope that you and everyone else on here had a great Halloween! And for the pic - I can almost hear the wolves howling ;-)
Thank you, Meghan and Lady D.

Lol, no wolves in the Harz, as far as I know (though they are immigrating back into Germany from Poland) but some bad tempered boars.
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