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  5 Years of Blogging

I almost missed this anniversary. I started my blog back in May 2005, so that makes it five years of blogging, and a number of photos I didn't even count. I've met online friends through this blog (some I even met in real life), and photographing - something I always liked doing - is even more fun when I know I can share the pictures with my readers.

I hope I'll be around for the next five years with more interesting posts about the Romans, Mediaeval emperors, old castles, and beautiful cathedrals. And I hope you'll stay with me, because readers are the ones who bring a blog to life. Thank you for that.


Found this particularly haughty looking lion outside the Romanesque church in Boppard. I don't know how old the statue is, but he really amused me.

A note about Followers: I don't use the widget showing the followers that many bloggers display in the sidebar because it doesn't work under Classic templates. But I can see who's following my blog on the dashboard. I for my part follow (= read regularly) all the blogs I've listed on my sidebar.
Congratulations! I look forward to reading your blog for the next 5 years, and hopefully many more. As I've expressed previously, for those of us who live in a historically challenged country, its grand to live vicariously through your excursions.
Happy five year anniversary! I always enjoy your posts, even when I haven't got an intelligent comment to make!
As one of your more recent subscribers, congratulation on your five years of blogging I stumbled across it quite by chance but have so far enjoyed accompanying you on your journey, all be it in a virtual sense. Here's to the next five years! :-)

C o n g r a t u a l t i o n s !

Have Fun!
Great blog, here is to five more years, and five more after that, then you can retire ;)
Wow, five years?? Congrats. Looking forward to more years of your great pics. :)
I must echo the congratulations! I enjoy your blog very much, chère Gabriele, and wish to thank you for the wonderful posts and pictures!
Thank you, everyone.

*waves Hi to the lurkers who've come out of the woodwork* :)
Congrats! It's funny how checking in with some blogs simply becomes part of one's routine, and how finding new posts or photos is always a treat. I'm glad you're still blogging away; give me a couple years und ich werde meine Kommente auf Deutsch schreiben. (Vielleicht.)
Congratulations! Here's to the next five years!
I hope you'll be around for five more years.
(Feel like chanting: "Five more years! Five more years!)
You have brought me such pleasure and delight with your observations and your photographs.
Happy Anniversary, Gabriele! Thanks for sharing your travels and adventures with us.
Congratulations on a fantastic milestone! I haven't been around as much as usual lately but I always enjoy your posts and photos. I hope you keep it all going for many more years to come!!
Five years! Oh my, how time flies!

I too enjoy checking in on a routine basis.

To many more..."clink"
Thank you, everyone.

There should be a new post soon, but life got in the way this week.
A very belated comment from me - many congratulations on your blog anniversary, and I'm looking forward to five more years!
Congratulations! I hope I'll have something valid to say and that way to reach 5 years like you!
And I also have that you will delight us with your blog many more years :)
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