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  Back, With a Bunch of Photos and a Cold

Suitcases have been unpacked, dinner eaten, and I took a look at my photo collection. An impressive number again, but a lot of photos I took inside dark cathedrals and museums, and I bet there'll be a bunch that will end up deleted. A few teaser pics are in the post below.

Isn't that chap a cutie? His name is Hugo, and he's quite a star in front of the camera. He and some fellow birds (falcons, and an eagle who didn't feel like posing for pictures when I was there) were one of the attractions at the Siegfriedspektakel, a medieaval market, or renfair as it's called in the US, taking place in Xanten while I was there. Lucky coincidence, because it turned out the largest and most fun I ever attended. Since there was also a small Roman reenactment group camping in the Archaeological Park, I was a happy camper myself.

BTW, my hair style is called Wind Blown Witch. *grin*

The weather was less fun. Horizontal rain is no longer a monopoly of the UK; Germany can do that quite well, too, thank you very much. Well, some days were at least dry-er, but still rather cold. There was basically one nice and sunny day in a week. Sigh. No wonder I managed to catch a cold in that weather. But I enjoyed most of the tour nevertheless.

I changed one point of my plan and didn't visit Rheinfels Castle. When the cruise ship passed it before stopping at St.Goar, I thought it looked too ugly and 17-18th century to be worth the hassle, and instead took the ship all the way down to Bingen which gave me a number of beautiful views of the most spectacular part of the Rhine valley.

The Rhine had been the border between the Roman Empire and 'free' Germania until the empire collapsed in the 5th century (I'll leave out the Limes intermezzo at this point), and Roman remains on the western, or left, shore of the river are plenty. I hunted down a few fine examples of Roman architecture, plus some Romanesque churches.

And now I'll take something for that cough and go to bed.

Welcome back!

Great teasers can't wait for the rest of the pictures.
Hope your cough is better now, Gabriele! Sorry about the horizontal rain, and glad it didn't ruin your trip.

What a great pic of you with Hugo! You look fab, even with 'Wind Blown Witch' hair. ;-)
Want...want...WAAAANT that bird!!! <3

I like the "wind-blown witch" hairstyle. All you need are some pearls and rubies strung in it for an imperial touch. :)
Thank you, Hank. There will be more in due time. :)

Kathryn, the cough will take its time, I'm afraid, but it takes more than that and some rain to ruin a trip for me. Heh, I thought Hugo would distract from the rest of the pic - thanks for the compliment.

Messire roi, I wanted to take him home myself. I didn't know that owls were used for the hunt as well, but I can imagine they make for good hunting birds because of their intelligence.
Jewels braided into that mess of hair? Well, maybe I could set a trend there, non? :)
Welcome back, and I hope you feel better soon!

I agree with Louis - a few diamonds and pearls, and you can call it the Elizabeth I look :-)
I should have said, the Gloriana look. It has a certain ring to it :-)
Lol, and I was glad Hugo's a boy because a she-owl would surely have tried to build a nest in my hair. ;)

Now where to get some hair bling?
Often visit, don't always leave a comment. Delurking to say great photo Gabriele! I enjoy your blog.
Thank you, Pam. It's always nice to see a lurker peeping out from her hiding place. :)
Love the owl with his watchful eyes. Hope you're over the cold. Hot ginger and lemon tea would be nice.
Hot ginger tea always helps. As does Whisky. :)
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