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  More Birds of Prey, and Some Mortal Combat

Just a picture post today. Here are some more photos from the Siegfriedspektakel in Xanten..

Damn that wind

One of the falcons of the bird show, balancing on its stake. The birds were kept under a tent roof - seems they didn't like getting rained on that much, either.

Leave me alone

In between performances, the birds needed rest and you couldn't get too close. That's where the zoom comes in.

The king, shaking out his cape

Or rather, the eagle ruffling its feathers. He (she?) was a somewhat difficult star. Though I can't blame the bird for being a bit ruffled after several hours of getting its picture taken and people chatting close by.


Another photo of me with Hugo, the cute owl. Jeri met the same falconer at another renfair and took some photos as well.

I'll get you, unworthy knave

There was a combat group that gave a rather funny performance of (not so) knightly fights.


As you can see above, they didn't always fight fairly, either.

Hah villein, I'm not out of this yet

More hacking and slashing - and laughing - ensued until one of the brave combattants went down.

Got you!

And the other sat on him. Rather, he let himself drop onto the poor guy with the full weight of body and armour.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Was the swords and armor display remotely serious--did they show any actual fighting techniques?
Oooh, cool birds! I wants one! *Looks at the talons on the third bird* Um, maybe not. :)
Nice pics. I love reenactments/retellings/fun with history.
That is so totally the same group that I saw! What are the odds? Between the - I'm sure - rather renowned spectacle in Xanten and a very small venue over here - a huge difference! Except for the people running it, of course. ;)

I'm very envious that you got to hold Hugo, btw! And the eagle was bad-tempered with us, as well, but what a beauty!
Love the pics, Gabriele!
Brian, they exchanged some serious swordblows as well, not only the fun stuff. The armour is later than the time I specialise in, so I can't say for sure, but overall, European reenactment groups are even more serious about their stuff than the SCA. There were two guys from another group training (not an official performance), and that looked very authentic.

Constance, that's what the gloves are for.

Jeri, lol, that's too funny. The Siegfriedspektakel in Xanten is indeed a renowed spectacle and growing every year, but smaller venues seem to attract cool people, too. :) I really have to go and see the Hardenberg one some day.

Thnk you, Kathryn.
Birds! <3<3<3<3<3 I like the first falcon. It has a fine head, and a bright and sharp eye!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

An a gude tyme twere 'ad by all!
Great photos - glad you included one of yourself. Always good to put a face to a blog that is so thoroughly enjoyable!
I'm sure they didn't "fight fair" in medieval times, either!
Great photos, Gabriele!
Louis, yes it's a lovely bird. Though I have a soft spot for Hugo. :)

Stag, fun was had indeed.

Pam, thank you for your kind words.

Bernita, I suppose there's a reason for the metal puuch protecting the family jewels in later plate armour. ;)
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