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  Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone who celebrates it.

It's another holiday not very important in Germany. So no turkey for me (since I never had any, I don't know what I'm missing) and no huge family gathering (I'm sure I won't miss anything there *wink*).

Candelabra in the Imperial Cathedral Speyer

This huge candelabra that looks a bit like a stylised plane tree with odd shapes in the background was created by Burghildis Roth, one of the most elusive artists. She is / has been (?) a Sister of the Dominican order living in Speyer. Her art is called 'modern'; that's pretty much all I could find out. Well, the candelabra looks pretty with all those votive candles.
Fantastic candelabra! By the way, is it snowing where you are, Gabriele? We've had a bit, but it hasn't settled (it rarely does here).
We have some; the landscape looks like covered with powdered sugar. But they promised some real buckets full of the white fun for Monday.
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