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  Blog Anniversary

Tomorrow, The Lost Fort will celebrate its 6th Bloggiversary. The blog really has become part of my life.

When I started photographing in 1970, the only way to share photos was to put them in an album in hope aunt G. might be interested in browsing it some day. My late mother gave me the idea to add little texts to the photos so I would have some sort of travel diary. Those little snips were my first attempts at writing. Later, the texts got longer and I used a typewriter. Photos were on expensive film rolls so I could never take as many as I wanted. But I still cherish the memories kept alive in those albums.

Little sailing boat on the Roskilde fjord

No one could ever have imagined that 35 years later, you could share your travel diaries and photos with the world, not only aunt G, and that there would be digital cameras instead of film rolls.

It makes photographing even more fun to know my readers will enjoy the pictures and the background information, and for me, it's a continuation of that first travel diary I started back in 1970. Here's to the next 40 years of photographing and traveling.

!!! Happy Bloggiversary !!!

Hope you have as much fun taking pictures as others do viewing them.
Thank you for your postings they are always facinating.
Regards Greg
Yes Happy Anniversary! An interesting and unusual blog.
Grats Gabriele! Glad you're still at it.
Congrats, Gabriele! Six years is a long time--here's to a dozen more!
Happy Bloggiversary, Gabriele, and I'm looking forward to many more years of The Lost Fort!
Thank you, people. :)
Happy Blog Anniversary!
Thank you, Anerje.
Hard to believe you've been doing this for 6 years - no wonder I feel like such a rookie!
Happy anniversary! Here's to the next 40 years indeed.
Congrats on 6 years!
Thank you, Carla and John.

Since I get some comments again today, I hope the comment problems Blogger has been experiencing those last days are on the mend.
Gabriele, often, when I'm pining for travel, your posts are like little online holidays for me. Lots of blogs have come and gone over the years; I'm glad you're still at it.
Thank you for your kind words, Jeff.
The Lost Fort is one of the most important bookmarks in my very extensive collection of bookmarks.

The blog format is perfect for a travelogue. Many people have stopped using blogs, in favor of a hundred other social networking methods, none of which work better than the blog for the purpose you have put it to. The blogs ability to archive (more useful for the blogger than the reader admittedly, but a good reliable and solid foundation for newer posts none the less.) also allows a record of thought, attitudes, notes and dozens of other things which heretofore meant old notebooks to gather dust on the back shelf.

The really big thing about a blog is the ability to leave a comment. That is what separates an on-line diary from the cute little one with the unicorn on the cover and the little lock on the side. I find that the when I visit blogs which have their comments feature diasbled I lose interest...excellent blogs which I used to return to time and time again lost my interest when I could not get "feedback" from other readers.
(not quite sure why)

On MY blog, a comment from time to time encourages me to keep posting, though of course I don't feel obligated to entertain my guests. Blogs are too personal for that. As you pointed out, blogging is a time intensive activity, no matter HOW rewarding. So I rarely just "lurk", since I like getting comments, I figure the least I can do is reciprocate.
I have always enjoyed The Lost Fort, it is not a travelogue as much as it is a scholars voyage of discovery. I echo Jeff's comments that the entries are like taking a vacation. I rarely take "vacations" or "holidays", I have far too inquiring a mind to just sit on a beach to soak up sun. My "vacations" are like yours blog...I visit castles, museums, cities and places.
Just like this blog!
Thank you for your kind words, Stag.

Commenting, hm. I feel a bit guilty now. Haven't commented on your blog for ages.
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