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  Happy Halloween

I wish everyone a happy Halloween. Don't overeat on the sweets you trick-and-treated. :)

Halloween is still not so common here though last year we got a few kids doing the rounds. This year there have not been any so I'll get to keep the treats. Hehe.

'Paradise' staircase rail in Naumburg Cathedral

The rails with the way to paradise (if you could get out of the way of the devil and that snake, lol) and Frances of Assisi on the other side were made by Heinrich Apel in 1972.
Hi Gabrielle, I have created my own Google account at last so, from now on, I can leave comments wherever I want and happily ever after! :-)
Henry the Young King and I will be honoured if you pay a visit to us on our new blog here:-)
Surely I will come over and have a look or two. :)
Thank you, Gabrielle! I've decided to create my own blog, for on Henry's first website my friend, who kindly created the site for us, installed such an inpregnable security system that it stopped not only the spam but also the comments :-)
And I missed communicating with the people who shared my interests:-)
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