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  Autumn in the Mecklenbruch Bog

I said I would return to the Mecklenbruch Bog in autumn, and I did. The atmosphere was pretty different though it was a sunny day as well. So here are some photos.

A view from the tower

Somehow, autumn fits bogs and moors even better than late spring. The colours were just lovely, all those shades of yellow and brown, and a deep blue sky mirroring in the dark lakes.

Another view, to the other side

I admit it's also a procrastination / placeholder post, for two reasons:

The timber trackway

First, I'm doing Nano again this year. For those who don't know: Nano is a writing marathon that requires you to write 50,000 words on a novel in November. I don't expect to win but I hope it will give me a kickstart - I haven't written much fiction those last months. The forums - if used wisely, lol - are a great place for exchange and encouragement.

One of several little lakes

Second, I am preparing a post or two about the Porta Nigra in Trier, but came across some inconsistencies that need clearing. It's Roman times so I want to present the most likely scenario, but since it's Late Empire I need to do some more research than I had thought (early Empire would be easier because I know more about it). So this post will have to wait a few more days.

The carr in a hazy autumn sun

I took those photos in late October; there isn't much sunshine right now. We got the remains of Sandy with wind and rain.

A stand of young birches

So, and now I'll get me some nice spiced tea and delve into the world of the Romans and Germans.
Lovely pictures. I'd like to take a walk through the landscape.
Good luck on NaNoWriMo. I passed this year and am doing Poem A Day for November instead. :)
I saw it; good luck with that. I don't think I could come up with a poem every day.
Gebrielle, lovely photos. As it happens autumn is my favourite season of the year so I can understand what you mean by "all those shades of yellow and brown". The autumn here in Poland is picturesque, too. In late October we payed a visit to our favourite mountain range in Slovakia, the Mala Fatra. Perhaps one day you will wander there during one of your travels:-) The autumn landscape there is simply breathtaking.

Good luck with your writing! I keep my fingers crossed:-)
Best of luck with the novel writing! :)
Gorgeous photos. You're right, the landscape is especially lovely in autumn colours.

Good luck with Nano! And with your Roman posts.
Gabrielle, thank you for dropping in at our "new castle"! I'm still working on our new apartments, though ;-) I'm going to publish Part II in a few days, this one devoted entirely to William Marshal.
I love the colours of Autumn! Actually, I just love Autumn:>
Luck with NANO, Gabriele. Hope it goes well for you.
Thank you, everyone. Autumn is my favourite season, too.

So far, Nano is going better than expected; I already got 8K, and the best I ever did was 12K in 2008.
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