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  Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of my readers who celebrate it a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the turkey.

Here the decorations in town and stores are very Christmas-y for some time now. I'm already tired of Jingle Bells. And the crowds.

Lake at Oberdorla / Thuringia

Nano didn't go as well as last year, but I got the average of what I got when I did it a few times some years ago. That's at least some more words than I usually get in a month, and I did get a grip on the prologue of Never to Return which had refused to cooperate last time, so I'd skipped it.

Autumn in the Harz

I've also been reading up on King David of Scots. King Malcolm left behind several sons with Margaret, one with Ingibjorg (who had a son in turn), and a brother. Add to this interfering Norman kings of England - can we say: trouble? *grin* David certainly had to wait his turn.
Happy Thanksgiving, and congratulations on NaNo. Every word counts :-)
The colours in the photo of autumn in the Harz are gorgeous.
Thank you, Carla.
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