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  Happy New Year

I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

May your plans work out and your hopes come true.

Sculpture in the Ice Hotel in Kirkenes

I can't get any winter photo here; with plus 8°C and a mix of rain and sunshine. It's so warm that some plants started to put out buds already. I want snow.

Be glad to trade you a few centimeters of snow for a few degrees of warmth.

A happy new year to you and yours!
Happy New Year! Beautiful ice sculpture.
Happy New Year, Gabriele!
Happy New Year, Gabriele! Let it be a good one for you and your family (and your readers :-))!
Gabriele, I have to tell you that I recently got my brother interested in your blogsite. He suffered a stroke 10 yrs ago, left with partial paralysis & aphasia, but lost not a bit of his mental capacity or wit. Reading was difficult at first but he gradually got back to books, then with an e-reader, started gobbling them up. He became interested in all things English & Scottish recently, ergo your blog. I'm so happy that I have someone in the family to discuss these things with…..yes, discuss. You'd be amazed how one with aphasia can "discuss", using emails & his little box that talks, plus the words he can manage. Richard is awed with your interests & accomplishments & photography, he himself having spent a lifetime learning, & is artist, writer, musician. This new interest of his has made me very happy. So thank you for this.

Happy New Year,
Dear Joan, dear Richard,

your post really moved me. I never thought my little online playground could make a difference for someone, but I'm glad it does. It makes the work more worthwile. I wish both of you strength and happiness for many years to come.

Gabriele, thank you for your kind words. I've come to learn that we must never underestimate the power of shared knowledge, interests, fun, etc. I cannot believe how my own world became enriched when I discovered Sharon Penman's novels, then joined her blog & then met Kasia, & on & on. It was like these interests were in me all along…..they just needed the right time & place to blossom forth. And then continue the sharing…..always the sharing.

take care,
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